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Friday, January 2, 2015


By Caroline Clemmons

Happy 2015!

Whether or not you had a terrific 2014 or a terrible one (as my family did), that year is gone. While we don’t get a do-over, we get the next best thing. Here’s a brand new year waiting for us to make our impression on time.

Are you starting with New Year’s resolutions? Not me. This year, my Darling Daughter 2 inspired me to work on my bucket lists. I'm determined to cross off those items one by one—and at least some of them in 2015. My list is not even awe-inspiring or impossible to achieve:

And  I'd look like this. Not. 

Ride a Vespa—even if it’s just around the parking lot.

Ride a zip line. A lot of places have those now.

Ride a SegWay. There are tours in downtown Fort Worth TX near where I live. The one pictured is from Cowtown Tours.

Go hang-gliding. No, don't listen to Hero, who says I'd break my neck or other important body parts.

Ride a helicopter. A small one so I can see really well. The picture above is from Epic Helicopter Tours of Fort Worth TX.

Ride in a hot-air balloon.

Publish six books in 2015. I can do this if I don’t spend too much time on the other items on my list.

Clean my office. Sigh. This one may be impossible. Even mentioning it has me banging my head on my desk. Doesn’t hurt, the stack of papers cushions my head.

So what’s on your bucket list?


  1. Your blog was great! You have inspired me to create a bucket list! Especially as I get older, I begin to think about what I want to do before I can't. So, thank you for the inspiration! Happy 2015!

  2. Caroline, that's an impressive list, and it sounds like fun. Good luck and Happy New Year.

  3. Caroline, this is great. I particularly like the last one. Same situation here... won't hurt my head if I bang it on my desk. :) Happy New Year to you, my friend.

  4. My bucket list is only two things: relocate, and stay in the writing business while we're doing it.


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