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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Each author has a favorite setting for his/her books. Mine is Texas. Why? I live here and have traveled across most of the state. I enjoy writing about places I’ve been so I’m confident the descriptions I write will ring true with readers.

With all the resources available today, writing about a place one has seen is not necessary. Nevertheless, my books are set primarily in Texas. Which leads me into today’s post. My upcoming release is set in Central Texas near the town of Bastrop. I think that’s a lovely town, but I prefer writing fictional towns so I can incorporate exactly what I need and no one can say, “There’s no place like that in such and such town.”

Writing is such a nice profession. We can make up whatever we wish. For my upcoming release, MAIL-ORDER PROMISE in the duet MAIL-ORDER TANGLE, I needed ranching country that was exporting beef to other ranches in 1880.

Jacquie Rogers’ half of this duet, MAIL-ORDER RUCKUS, had a stricter time frame due to the development of Idaho Territory. So, we pooled our knowledge plus what we obtained from the internet. We came up with a lovely setting for both books.  At least, we think they’re great settings.


We needed a place in Texas near the Colorado River where cattle were raised and sold or driven to be sold in Idaho Territory, Montana, and Wyoming. We needed a group who emigrated to Texas and founded ranches in that setting—people who also might have moved to Idaho Territory.

Ranchland in Idaho Territory

If you live in Central Texas, you know there were many German settlers in Central Texas. Many still speak an antiquated form of German at home. But these settlers welcomed Scandinavians as well as other Europeans and Mexicans.

Jacquie lives near Seattle, I live near Fort Worth so we couldn’t meet in person. Conspiring by phone, we came up with the Johanssen family from Sweden and a Swedish town named after one in Sweden, Valdesta. Jacquie and I plopped our Johanssen family there.

We are excited about MAIL ORDER TANGLE, which goes on sale September 12th. You can preorder now on Amazon at

Here’re the synopses:

Mail-Order Promise
by Caroline Clemmons

Ellie Dickerson and her sister are in desperate straits when she contracts to become a mail-order bride to a Texas rancher on the condition she can bring her sister. After her arduous trip from Virginia, she learns her fiancĂ© has died. His brother is handsome. And single. And he doesn’t want her. But he has sworn to take care of her and see she has a home. Somewhere, but where? What will happen to her and her sister?

Kage Johanssen, co-owner of a ranch in Idaho with his cousin Matt, is forced to take over his family’s Central Texas ranch on the death of his older brother. Kage is in no hurry to get married, and when his brother’s bride shows up, she’s everything he doesn’t want in a wife—except she’s stunningly beautiful.  Despite his deathbed promise to his brother and his attraction to Ellie, he’s convinced she doesn’t have the grit to be a rancher’s wife.

When a greedy, sadistic villain attempts to take over the ranch and kill Kage, can Ellie save her true love?  What will it take to prove that she’s the only woman for Kage?

Mail-Order Ruckus
by Jacquie Rogers

Matt Johanssen returned to the ranch he and his cousin Kage started in Owyhee County, Idaho Territory, not knowing he took Laura Dickerson's heart with him.  Now that her sister no longer needs her, Laura wants a home of her own and a family to put in it.  No other man would fill the bill as well as Matt, but he’s not interested.  Not wanting to live as a spinster aunt the rest of her life, Laura signs a contract with a marriage broker, choosing to go to Silver City, near Matt’s ranch, in hopes that he might come around.  But he’s not on the roster of eligible grooms!

When Matt sees Laura among the brides on display on the balcony of the Idaho Hotel, he feels gutshot. He’s in no position to take a wife, not with a ranch eating up every spare moment and dollar. But if he doesn't step forward, the one woman he wants will be wed at the end of the week—and not to him.

Will Matt walk away from the woman who stole his heart or let go of everything he's worked so hard to build in exchange for love?

Jacquie and I hope you are enchanted with the synopses and will preorder MAIL-ORDER TANGLE.


  1. Perfect settings for well written stories! Will keep you riveted to your seats as you read of the adventures of both sisters! Kudos to both authors!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Karren. Best wishes to you.

  2. Settings are just perfect for these two stories. Done betaing the first part and if I could have, I'd have read it in one sitting but, you know how RL sometimes comes in-between what we like and what needs to be done. :) About a little over half-way through Jacquie's part and again, would have read it one sitting but... Well you know the story. So far, I love what I've read and I've enjoyed the adventures of Ellie and Kage and Laura and Matt. Well done, ladies. Truly well done.

  3. I agree that writing in settings that you know, even if you do alter some of the pieces. I think you made a great choice. Looking forward to this book. Yipee Doris

  4. I love knowing the reasons for settings. It adds a layer of richness to the story. Creating the fictional world is one of my favorite things about writing, I've named towns, counties, restaurants, hotels, etc. after family and friends. Why settle for dedicating a book to someone when you can name an entire town after your brother? Or a fabulous department store after one of your best friends? Or a jailed felon after the bully in 3rd grade who made your life miserable? *LOL* It's just one of the perks of writing.


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