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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Whole Passel of "Honky Tonk Heart" Stories by Vonnie Davis

I started my writing career with The Wild Rose Press in 2010 when I was a mere girl of sixty-two. In the Spring of 2011, they announced a new series called the Honky Tonk Hearts. These were to be novellas, less than 40,000 words, with at least one pivotal scene set in a modern day Texas saloon, called the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk, along the old Route 66. Three main characters were named and described. While they could be used as minor characters, they could not be major players in the stories.

Something about the idea intrigued me.

The coolest thing was, it also intrigued several other writers.

My problem was I'd never written "short" before. I had only ever written novels. So the question remained: could a wordy soul like me write a good story, with a strong plot and likable characters in half the space of a full-length book? I learned a lot in the making every word count. I ended up writing two novellas for the series--Those Violet Eyes and Back Where You Belong.

Those Violet Eyes won first place in the novella division of the NERFA--National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award and also first place in the novella division of the IDA's--International Digital Awards. Other novellas in the series won awards too. 

TODAY, all these novellas, written by various talented authors,  have been released in 2 boxed sets, just as they should be...together for your enjoyment!


Think about it...cowboys, country singers, ex-military, military personnel on leave, strong women and love, Texan style. Available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


  1. The books are up on Amazon now. Volume 1: Volume 2: I agree that writing short is a whole different technique. Fun and fast--which suits my style!

  2. Thanks, Jannine. I put the links in the post, but for some reason, they are whited out...but they still work if you click on the while space. Go figure.

  3. Vonnie, those sound like so much fun! Sometimes it's hard to step out of our comfort zone and write something different, but obviously you mastered the new length.


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