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Friday, February 28, 2014

New Release! Plants For A Medieval Herb Garden in the British Isles

I finally did it! After abundant research, writing, and seemingly endless revising, my first herbal is available in kindle at Amazon.  I initially embarked on this undertaking last year for the workshop I gave focused on herbs and medicinal plants of the British Isles. Participants were so enthusiastic, as have many others, that I was inspired to go all out and turn this project into a much longer work. No small effort, but I enjoyed the process and learned a lot along the way. I’m always learning because this is such a vast trove of material to delve into.

 I’ve also had fun choosing images lo illustrate this book. Some are photographs of our garden taken by Elise, many are royalty free images I purchased, and a few are in public domain.  I hope you enjoy Plants For A Medieval Herb Garden in the British Isles. A lot of these plants were brought to America with the early colonists and are widespread here now. Others are well and truly British and Scottish.

Elise did the gorgeous cover.
thyme with honey beeBook Description:  An illustrated collection of plants that could have been grown in a Medieval Herb or Physic Garden in the British Isles. The major focus of this work is England and Scotland, but also touches on Ireland and Wales. Information is given as to the historic medicinal uses of these plants and the rich lore surrounding them. Journey back to the days when herbs figured into every facet of life, offering relief from the ills of this realm and protection from evil in all its guises.~


  1. Beth, Hooray! I'm so pleased you collected your notes into a book. Please also convert it to CreateSpace. This is a reference book writers and gardeners will want to save forever for reference, as well as just enjoy the illustrations. Congratulations and best wishes for a gazillion sales!

  2. Thanks so much. I hope it will be a hit. I have persuaded Elise to work on formatting it for print--quite a process with all these pics.

  3. Congratulations, Beth, on the new book. I've always had a small herb garden for cooking. Since I'm in a new place with a courtyard garden in back and decked side yard, my new herb garden will be in large pots on the deck I guess. Love fresh herbs. I'm sure historical writers will be grabbing your book.

  4. Thanks, Beth, for creating this book! I am looking forward to having an herb garden this year - so thanks again!


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