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Saturday, February 8, 2014

How Do Side Characters Become Front And Center?

So how do side characters get their own headline?

Fan request.

When I wrote Running To You, I never dreamed that fans of the story would become passionate about the side characters. In fact, I never gave it any thought. I had the storyline and the following stories planned out.

So I thought.

When the book released and the comments started to come in, I realized that Harrison Brooks would need his own story, but what was it?

Side characters are there to develop plot. They are there to give the story substance. Sometimes, the readers want more from that character... They aren't ready to see the story end, but even more... They aren't ready to accept that the side character doesn't have more to tell.... Or is there more to the story?

Standalones and series are planned out, most often in advance. But, if you are a pantser like I am, your characters may take you in a direction you didn't plan. For a writer, that might be plan A, plan, B or even the use of an alternative alphabet :)

I didn't plan on Harrison having his own story. It was a difficult one to write. In fact, I told my writing friends that I HATED it. I ripped out chapter after chapter before I got close to anything that Harrison would have wanted.

I say that like he's a real person. In my mind he is. And what's worse... I struggled to give him the right story... His story.

The Running Series starts out with the story of Dr. Grayson Brooks and his quest to find love and hold on to it the only way he knows how. In Running To You and Two Sides of a Heartbeat, we find that Grayson and Harrison may be identical in creation, but they are not alike, except for the love they have for the "Love of their lives." What's more, they have to lose those loves, before they can finally realize the love lives for itself, if only they would accept it.

Harrison has to lose Monica Green so that he can find himself. His journey takes him through the sufferings and heartaches of others. He helps and guides damsels in distress, but he finds himself in that journey. It is at that time in his life that he can accept a love of his own.

My Confession is really about Harrison's own confession to himself. He is likeable, loveable and worthy. Even though some ill-fated issues from his past haunt him before he is finally able to put them to rest.

I hope that you will read Harrison's journey to love. I suggest that you read the entire series, although My Confession is written so that it could be a standalone.

I've learned to listen to the readers and I could not be more proud to be bringing Harrison's story to life. He has so much to tell.

Please join me for the release party on facebook Monday, Dec. 10th 7-8pm CST.

My Confession and The Running Series are both available at all major outlets.
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  1. It must be nice to have fans enjoy your characters so much :)

    1. Thanks for your reply. It is, but this one definitely came as a challenge. I hope the readers are happy with the end result. :)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Harrison's story. You are a very talented writer and I get completely immersed in your stories! Keep up the good work!

    1. Karren,
      Thank you for commenting. I'm happy that you loved his story! I appreciate you reading my work.

  3. I never intended my first published book to be a series either. But when readers started asking for the hero's brothers to have their stories, that's what happened. And my editor said she didn't know how I could make one brother into hero material and it turned out to be her favorite book. So you can take secondary characters you hadn't planned on writing about into heroes. Congrats on giving Harrison his story.

    1. Thank you Paty! I appreciate the inspiration.
      Chasing Air was written as a standalone with no intention of a series because I was already writing the Running Series. But, fans have requested more from the story and now it is part of the Chasing Series, with Chasing Hearts and Chasing Redemption due out later this year.
      I've already had requests for follow-up stories from My Confession. Readers have begun asking for Nadia's story and a story about Kaci and Luke, all side characters of My Confession.

      This makes me very happy!


  4. As a writer, I love when secondary characters demand their own books. As a reader, I love revisiting characters I've enjoyed.

  5. The secondary characters can make or break a book. I enjoy writing those as much as the main characters' stories. Looking forward to this new book.


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