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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Writers Just Wanna Have Fun

All writing and no living make for a dull story.  

When I first started writing, I asked Meg Chittenden what she thought was the most important thing for a writer to remember.  She said, "Live."  And went on to explain that while it's important to park your butt in the chair and write, it's equally important to get out and experience everything you possibly can.  Because that's where our stories come from.

Actually, I think that's good advice for any profession.

We've had a lot excitement around Seattle these days, what with our too-young football team with the too-small quarterback, who won it all.  I'm not a big football fan, but I'm always interested in what motivates those who are successful beyond what most of us would deem possible.  Russell Wilson summed it up, and I'm paraphrasing a little here: "My dad said, 'Why not you?' so I said why not us?"

It gets you to thinking.  In our new publishing world, which is the equivalent of the new frontier--the Wild West, why not us?  For the first time, we can write anything we want, and for the first time, the readers can read anything they want.  No one is telling us what can or can't be published.  Those 100 gatekeepers who dictated to the readers what would be available no longer have the power.  So why not us?

Those moments are what Meg calls living.  And of course there are social events, dances, lessons, or just trying something new.  We can't have new experiences if all we do is sit in front of the computer and surf Facebook.  On the other hand, there's lots of fun to be had on Facebook, and let's face it, I'm in more of a partying mood than in a philosophical mood.

So let's party!
To celebrate the release of the new Prairie Rose Publications anthology, Hearts and Spurs, we're having the Valentine's Day Fandango.

Y’all pull on your fanciest cowboy boots and join the Prairie Rose Publications authors for a rootin’ tootin’ Valentine’s Day Fandango! We’ll bring spirited western women and a bunch of wild, to-die-for cowboys. Be prepared to win because we’re giving away prizes every hour. It’s one heckuva party, so don’t miss out!

11am to 9pm Eastern Time.
10am to 8pm Central Time.
9am to 7pm Mountain Time.
8am to 6pm Pacific Time
(and a bonus for the Dessert Divas)

Your featured authors:
Cheryl Pierson
Livia Washburn Reasoner
Jacquie Rogers
Sarah McNeal
Kristy McCaffrey
Tracy Garrett
Tanya Hanson
Sara Barnard
Kathleen Rice Adams
Linda Broday

Valentine's Day is coming up, and what better time to celebrate romance novels.  Pick up a book by one of the Smart Girls Read Romance authors.  It's a win-win!  And don't forget to come to the fandango on Saturday.  Lots of fun stuff, including Idaho Spud Bars (how often do you get those?) and Owyhee Butter Toffee (bet you never had that) to win your heart--or to give to that special someone.

Hearts of Owyhee
Coming soon: Much Ado About Mustangs


  1. Great post! I am so looking forward to the party! The authors on Smart Girls Read Romance are now my favorites! You ladies are all awesome for readers like me!

    1. Karren, get out your Annie Oakley hat--we'll party hearty! Because you know what? You're awesome and we love you. That's not overstating, either. We can't do what we do without you.

  2. Jacquie, I love that advice. I also loved HEARTS AND SPURS. What a great anthology! Each story was perfect. I'll be at the party. Can't wait to try for some of that toffee and the spud bars. ☺

    1. Caroline, I absolutely love, love, love Owyhee Butter Toffee. You can even get it chocolate-coated now, although I'm not sure I'd want that because I love it just the way it was originally. And I'm so glad you enjoyed Hearts and Spurs. I was a bit hesitant about writing a "sturdy" heroine, but I just adored her.

    2. Oh, and about Meg--she's a member of our local chapter. What a sweetheart she is, too, and smart as a whip. Everyone loves her. :)

  3. Great post, and great advice! You gotta live to have the experiences :D

    1. Meg's a smart cookie. I'd never thought of it in those terms before but she's sure right. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Sounds like a good time will be had by all! Congratulations on Hearts and Spurs. May it fly off the cyber shelves!

    1. Thanks, Joan! Yes, we did have a good time and things are finally settling down from football (settled a whole lot more quickly for me than most others!), but now we're gearing up for the Fandango. Oh, and I have to write books, too. Isn't that the dilemma?


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