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Monday, February 24, 2014


By Brenda Chitwood

Well, the torch is out, the athletes are headed home and the Winter Olympics are history. Until 2018 in South Korea.  I'm not really much for sports. Some of them are a complete mystery. I do love the figure skating.Silly costumes and all.

You have to admire these people. They train for years long hours almost every day. It's hard work for a few minutes on the ice in front of tough judges. Fall, and it's over. I saw some of them crash into the boards, get up
 and continue. It had to hurt like crazy and I'm sure their hearts were broken. Still, they got up and smiled through their tears. Now, that's perseverance and dedication.

When I slack off writing or think I just can't do it, I remember the skaters who knew they wouldn't receive any medals, but didn't give up. Success isn't always about the medals, endorsements or cheering crowds. It's  working toward a dream.

A writer's life can be lonely. You sit if front of a computer surrounded by pesky dogs wanting to play, dust motes the size of ice bergs and bits of cold pizza turning strange colors on your desk.
If you're lucky, you have critique partners who act as your coaches and
a family who support you. The joy and relief of writing "THE END"
is my medal.

No, I won't suffer injuries or be black and blue at the end of the day, but when I start whining about how hard writing is, I think of the poor skater slamming into the boards, stumbling back up and finishing his routine.

It can be hard, but if you set a goal, it's all worth it.


  1. As a reader, I appreciate your goals. You give me a wonderful world to escape to. Any creative endeavor is a solo experience, but worth it for the consumer. Good blog.

  2. Brenda, you are a good writer and I know you will get your medal in the near future. Bless you for the support you give me, plus the good suggestions for my writing.

  3. When I see figure skaters putting their all into a performance, only to be judged sometimes by what seems arbitrary standards, I feel their pain. I think it's remarkably similar to the way authors feel when their books are judged by readers who have highly specific parameters known only to themselves. *g*


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