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Friday, October 18, 2013


Hi, Everyone! I know it's early, but I can't help myself. The excitement is building within me for the Holidays. The last few years have been somewhat lack luster for whatever reason, but this fall I'm downright giddy. I think the reason has to do with the projects I've been working on are being completed, one by one and that's a great feeling.

 In July, I finished my first book, CODE OF HONOR, Texas Code Series, Book One, and published it on Amazon. This book has gone through many revisions and transformations to become a book of which I'm very proud. Here's a short blurb:

Graeme McAlister's determined to unearth the truth behind his brother's implausible suicide but, when he sees his widowed sister-in-law, will he be able to handle the biggest revelation of all? 

After the death of her husband, Maggie Benning resolves to establish a successful and independent life for herself and her son, Andy. Can she overcome past hurt and loss of trust to accept a new love in her life? 

Travel to McTiernan, Texas and fall in love under . . . Texas Skies.
In September, I was honored to be included in a nine book box set titled, 9 Ways To Fall In Love, including authors, Caroline Clemmons, GeriFoster, DeLaine Roberts, Paty Jager, Beth Trissel, Kathy Ivan, and Anna Jeffery. A wonderful experience.
Now, I'd like to give a sneak preview to two short stories coming to Amazon the first week of November 2013.
The first is, A Santa For Christmas. This little story of romance, hope and magic is about Merry Hernandez and her inability to participate in the Christmas Pageant on the Riverwalk at San Antonio, Texas. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she will be unable to provide the toys or a Santa for the pageant. Will Merry and her business, Very Merry Events, be able to save Christmas?
The second short story romance takes place on New Years Eve in Mistletoe, Texas and it's titled, Lilah By Midnight. When Lilah Canfield's motor coach gets stuck in the snow outside her hometown of Mistletoe, will old flame, Jack McCommas, be able to get her to Billy Bob's in Fort Worth to save her career? Or will circumstances change her life forever?
There's a pumpkin patch near our house that I'll take my grandson to and get his picture in the middle of all those potential jack o' lanterns. We're planning a large gathering for Thanksgiving this year. I can almost taste the turkey and dressing now. Then, Christmas!
How do y'all feel about the upcoming holidays? Good, bad, or indifferent? Leave a comment to share your thoughts and one commenter will receive an early Christmas present from me. I'll gift a free download to one winner for Code of Honor. If you have that one already, then, A Santa For Christmas or Lilah By Midnight when they are published. Don't forget to leave your email in the comments so I can reach you!
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  1. You are such a bright, cheerful person! Loved your blog. Also loved the book Code of Honor. Am looking forward to your holiday books! You have my email address. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you, Karren, I appreciate your comments so much. My you're an early bird today! I'm running late and have to get high behind for the Hubs will be home from hunting in an hour. I do have your email and will be in touch. Good luck and thanks for stopping by today!

  3. I was excited for the holidays and as giddy as you when our son, who hasn't been home for Christmas in three years, had put in for leave from the Air Force and our daughter and her family who live in Kodiak, AK would be here at the same time. It would be the first Christmas in ten years that we would have all the kids and grandkids together. Then the government sent teams in after terrorists in other countries and my son's base withdrew all leave. So, I've lost some of the excitement about the holidays. Our daughter and her family will be here and we'll celebrate at our oldest daughter's new house, but it's not going to be as fun without the whole crew as I'd been expecting.

    Enjoy your holidays, Carra!

  4. I'm so sorry, Paty. It's so much better to have all our chickens under one roof. I will pray that he remains safe and that you are able to see him soon. I know you'll enjoy the rest of your family and hold them a little tighter.

  5. Carra, you've made me giddy! I've been avoiding thoughts of the holidays because I don't know if we'll be in the townhouse we bought or still camping out in the weekend home. Whatever will be will be. Maybe I should wish you Happy Holidays now and just read your latest book?

    1. Awww, Joan, that makes me giddy! I'm sorry y'all are still camping out. That only holds minimal appeal in the best of times, at least for me. I accept your Happy Holidays and raise you one, hopefully in your townhouse! ;-)

  6. Carra, I love the holidays here. Warm weather, barbeques, family. Such a great time of year. Makes you feel grateful with how blessed you are.

    1. We're never sure what our weather will be, but one thing, we are truly blessed. Thanks for visiting today, Susan. I have your email!

  7. Wow Carra, you do put a gal in the holiday mood. Love your covers, titles, and enthusiasm behind these holiday releases. Nothing like a pumpkin patch. We've harvested ours.

    1. The mood must be real, Beth. I still have it! Our grandson will visit us this weekend and we'll decorate a pumpkin.


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