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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stories Behind The Story

Getting To Know The Story Behind The Story 

When I pieced together the story of Alexandra Morrison and Grayson Brooks in Running To You, I had no idea that it would become a series and carry over into Two Sides of a Heartbeat. In fact, the last thing I thought about was Grayson having a twin, Harrison, or that I would even be writing a story about Harrison. But, that is exactly what’s happening and My Confession, will hopefully release in December.
Sometimes, I think I’m weird. Seriously. These characters talk to me. What they forgot to tell me happened to be that most readers do NOT like cliffhangers in their romance novels. So, I suppose I could sound even weirder by writing that my characters played a nasty trick on me. Running To You ended in a cliffhanger. Two Sides of a Heartbeat picks up exactly where Running To You left off. I’m not certain that I will ever do this again, because I’ve been listening to the readers and trying to give them what they want.
While I tried to wrap their story up in one novel,  it didn’t happen that way and I’m so glad it didn’t. Two Sides of a Heartbeat is featured in a new box set, 9 Ways To Fall In Love currently climbing the charts and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be included with such great company.

In Books 1 and 2, Alexandra’s character has a day job like my own, a medical sales rep. I encounter many physicians yearly, and have only encountered a handful that I was certain had taken ASSHOLE 101, twice!
I tried to give Grayson a bit of that edge: Difficult to encounter, tough office personnel to navigate through and a rough exterior with a soft interior, like many endearing physicians that I have come to adore professionally.

What I didn’t expect happens to be the outpouring of requests for stories involving the side characters of the series: Harrison and Cooper, so I’m working on Harrison’s story now.
Last weekend, I attended a book festival in Atlanta, GA. I couldn’t have been more excited to have readers approach our booth and exclaim “I have your book on my Kindle.” This put me over the moon. I'll never get tired of that!
What's coming up:
  • Chasing Air will be out in October, a stand-alone novel
  • My Confession will be out in December, Book 3 of the Running Series
  • I'm also working on a Bartender Series, titled Bad Boys 'n Bars.
I look forward to delivering more stories that readers love. I love to hear from you. Please reach out to me.
Virtual hugs,


  1. I love the stories behind the story and how characters come to you. That's great. Sounds super too.

  2. I love the stories behind the story and how characters come to you. That's great. Sounds super too.

  3. Thank you, Beth.

    It sounds crazy, but the characters take over and create their own journey. The stories start out one way and end up another.

    Thanks for your comment.


  4. Great Job, DeLaine! We all have characters that talk to us. How else could we write a story. LOL! The amazing thing is we don't think we're nuts and the rest of the world takes medication for that.

    1. Thanks, Geri.

      I'm convinced that the Hub's certain that I'm Cray-Cray! He now knows to ask me if I'm having a "moment" with my characters, or just a "conversation." I've discovered that I cannot write a steamy scene if there are folks moving about in the house. Just like in real life... It kills the mood!

      Thanks for the comments,

  5. So im new to this blog but i love this so ill be posting many things about these books for sure. I finally met you in Atlanta and im so glad i did cause your awesome. I bought more books of yours in my ipad and right now im in the process reading them.

  6. Katia,

    Thank you for stopping by! Enjoyed meeting you in Atlanta, GA!
    So happy that you're enjoying our books! We love to connect to readers, so please share our site with your friends.


  7. It's always fun to learn the "behind the story" stuff. You mentioned cliffhangers. I think that's a touchy subject for most readers because when one is emotionally invested in a story, the last thing wanted is an unsatisfying ending that's merely a set up for the next book.

    I'm fine with cliffhangers as long as the principals get their justly deserved happy ever after, and the cliffhanger addresses a different aspect of the story -- possibly new information that arises from the subplot.

  8. Joan,

    You are very spot on regarding cliffhangers. I learned my lesson! I've had great responses from those who love them, but that is not the norm for Romance. Readers want their HEA. There's a way to do it, as you described for sure.

    Have a great evening,


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