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Friday, September 20, 2013

Author's Launch Party

By Geri Foster

Hello Everyone!

So happy you stopped by to visit with us for awhile. I hope you find our posts interesting and informative.

I'd like to discuss an Author's Launch since I just had one and never experienced all that excitement prior to September 15th. Of course, you want to know why have a Launch? Just post your book out on Facebook and be done with it. Simple and easy.

However, a Launch is a party online where you have prizes, contests and a lot of interaction between authors and readers. We all want that. The better we know our audience, the easier it is to steer our books into the direction most readers enjoy.

On our 9 Ways to Fall In Love Launch page we have had a lot of discussion about names of characters and what jobs they work, and generally their status in the world. This was wonderful information that each of us authors paid close attention to. We all want to know. This has been an exciting time for all nine authors. We love it!

So Launches are a great way to connect and interact with readers. Also, those readers help you promote your work. They take you places you would never go alone. :) They're fearless and smart. That's the reason most authors are moving to Street Teams. They take the place of your book being on a shelve in a bookstores, Target, Walmart and other places.

At a Launch you get a very intimate look inside the lives of your readers. They not only want to know about you, but they are willing to share their lives with us. We writers love that. We look forward to every post, every word of encouragement, and every hint that we might be doing something right.

My Launch was a wonderful success! I loved it and I hope those who joined did as well. I look forward to another Launch in late October or November. I hope I see you there.

Happy Endings,
Geri Foster


  1. This is a new world for me also, Geri. I have had such fun with the NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE Facebook Launch Party. Your shorter party on the 15th was a happening place and I enjoyed that also. We are learning this stuff as we go along, right? Wishing you the best of success!

  2. Geri, it's good to here that all the time you and the other authors invested brought great results. I'm working my way through 9 WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE and enjoying each book.

    Best wishes for huge sales for all.

  3. Great post, Geri. I agree with Caroline, that we're all learning as we head ever upward in this business of writing. Each day I learn a little more and the 9 Ways To Fall In Love Launch has been an incredible ride! Between 9 Ways, and your launch for, Out of the Night, my little neurons are pinging off of each other. You've convinced me a street team is the way to go and that's on my list in the near future. Good luck to you girl, you deserve it!


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