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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Productive or Procrastinating? by Laura Hunsaker

 No one is more productive than a writer who is procrastinating. Full stop. This is fact. 

I was exposed to C*OVID at work, so I had some days off to wait for symptoms. I was kind of excited to get some daytime and uninterrupted writing done, maybe fix that plot hole that's been sitting there, tripping up my characters, you know...some alone time!

Well...did I write? No.

Did I at least fix that plot hole? Also no.

What did I do? Well I'm so glad you asked! Like a million loads of laundry, cleaned out a couple of closets, make blueberry jam, baked some brownies, got the kids to the dentist and orthodontist, and definitely did not open my WIP (work in progress). 

What the heck, brain! I was so excited for some time alone with my book! I love seeing my writer friends on Twitter or Facebook talk about doing the same things. One of my favorite authors "procrasti-bakes" when she's on deadline. Another is like me, more of a cleaner/organizer when she procrastinates. I wish I knew why my brain did this, but I have all day today! Wish me all the words! 

Today is my last day home, I can go back to work tomorrow, and I am going to totally sit down and write some words! Right after I finish prepping dinner...

How about you? What do you procrastinate?

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  1. I am a procrastinator, but not as productive as you are. I daydream scenes for my WIP, and generally waste time that is precious. Fortunately, I like my current characters so much I'm not procrastinating--at least not right now. DARK PAST sounds intriguing!

    1. LOL I wish I could push my energy into writing rather than laundry lol

  2. Great post. I think I'm a procrastinator because I do have all those household chores that allow me to walk away from writing. I'm betting no one in our households says, "Hey, honey, mom (insert the title you prefer), I'll do the laundry, fold those towels in the dryer, and sweep the kitchen floor. You just scoot over to your laptop and write, write, write." Lol :) "Dark Past" looks intriguing.

    1. Haha wouldn't that be the best! "Hey babe, you go write and I'll do all the things!" lol thanks!

  3. I am a procrastinator, too, although more of a--borrowing words from Caroline--time waster. I am GREAT at that!

  4. Great post. I sometimes do the same, i.e., laundry, clean out a closet, etc. but it's usually when something is bothering me about the writing. I think busy work, which is what laundry, organizing, etc., really is, frees the subconscious to work on the writing problem. Often when I do some busy work then return to the computer, I know what needs to be done.


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