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Monday, October 4, 2021

Harvest Time and #GTT by @JacquieRogers

 Harvest Time and... #GTT

This is such a busy time for me!  Besides keeping up with my regular chores, there's the fall harvest.  And boy howdy, did we ever get a LOT of produce!  Right now, I have delicious red-ripe tomatoes everywhere I look.  Green ones, too.  

I'm saving this beauty for a BLT in the morning!
Makes me drool just looking at it.

We'll only get another week, maybe two, until it frosts here in SW Idaho, so I'll have to figure out how all these durn maters are gonna get processed.  So far, my daughter and I have canned tomatoes plain, and we've also canned them with Indian butter chicken flavor, chili flavor, stewed tomatoes, and tomato juice.  We've canned lots of salsa, too--mild and hot.  We never seem to manage to hit the medium mark. Hahaha.

Mostly plain tomatoes and chili mix in 
the latest batches.

Right next to the boxes of jars is the dehydrator.  It's brand new, and believe it or not, I've never dehydrated veggies before.  I've dried herbs in my toaster oven but that's about it.  My daughter suggested that I could dehydrate veggies and make my own soup mix to take with us when we travel.  Good idea--throw some meat, broth, and dried veggies in the Instant Pot and voila! Soup.  The bags of veggies would be less bulky and weigh far less then canned goods, so I'm going to give her suggestion a go.  We do have to pay attention to weight in our new Casita (which we've named Tillie the Tank).

Only the peppers were grown in the garden, 
we bought the carrots and celery.

All this while Mr R is still working on the kitchen remodel (it's now officially a year into this project--we don't call him Mr. Speedy for nothing).  The latest accomplishment...okay, so it's not done yet but is the oven/coffee center.

Top left is the microwave and under that, the Advantium 240v oven.
The right side is the coffee center.
Mr. R is still working on the cabinet, obviously.  In case you're wondering,
the drawers will be painted purple and orange. 
I like color.

Meantime, I thought you might like to know what it's like to stare at a screen with only 70-80,000 words left to write.

The writers who see this will know exactly what this means. LOL.

So what's #GTT?

Well, in the olden days Southerners often had to give up their property and a lot of them headed to Texas, so they'd write GTT on the door or gatepost and leave.  Later, GTT was used for an outlaw who was on the lam--they'd Gone To Texas.  Didn't matter where they actually went, people still said they'd GTT.

And we're headed to Texas in a few weeks, so #GTT.  We're not outlaws but we'll be visiting some pretty dicey characters, among them the famous author Caroline Clemmons.  That woman has a wicked sense of humor and keeps me laughing so this is gonna be a ton of fun, for sure.  We'll see how patient Mr R and Hero are with us.  Throw in their daughters, and we know for certain we'll have a very, very lively and entertaining week.  Oh yeah.

Stovetop oven in our dinky Casita travel trailer.

I'm really excited to have an RV this trip.  I have food allergies so we needed a place where I can cook my own food.  It's never fun when you stop by a burger joint and they try to poison you.  The Casita is a dinky little fiberglass travel trailer, but we can cook, poop, and sleep in it so I'm happy.

After we leave Caroline's house, we'll be headed to Arizona to see my longtime buddy Ann Charles.  She's always a hoot, and I'm looking forward to visiting with her and her crazy family.

I guess I better get some words on the page before someone starts throwing rotten tomatoes at me.

Until next month, Happy Reading!

If you're on Snapchat, friend me!  My handle is jacquierogers.  You can get videos of Sassy's latest updates there.  And goofy pictures of her scribe.


  1. We're looking forward to your visit. We may still be unpacking so we may put you to work. Ha! I'm dying of curiosity to see Tillie. You know I'm jealous.

    1. We're game! We can't drive all that fast pulling Tillie but we'll be there eventually. I'll let you know our ETA. Mercedes will be staying here at the house so #WalterTheDaredevil should be relatively happy.

  2. Wow! you have been busy! I love tomatoes but our season here in Texas ended a couple months ago. You might consider a vacuum sealer for those dehydrated soup mixes- the bags are tough! So glad you are visiting Caroline! She is one of my favorite people in the whole world! <3

  3. All that canning reminds me of summers when I was a kid. My mom, with my help, canned hundreds of jars of tomatoes, soup mix, green beans, purple hull peas, and all of the other stuff that came from the garden and the fruit trees. It's wonderful when you open a jar of canned fruit or vegetables in the winter—it's like a breath of summer.


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