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Monday, October 11, 2021

October in New England, by Peggy Jaeger

Since this is my first post for Smart Girls Read Romance, I thought introducing myself a bit, and telling you a little about where I hail from, was warranted. 
So, the name's Jaeger. Peggy Jaeger.
If you just read that in your head and heard your inner voice say Bond, James Bond - yay!! 

Hee hee.
I write contemporary romcoms, romantic suspense, and I'm dipping my writing quill into paranormal romance.
I currently live in beautiful New England where the calendar is staying true to form this Autumn. Have you ever experienced a New England Fall? Ever taken a road trip up the East Coast anytime right after Labor Day and before Halloween? If you have you'll know the colors that paint the landscape are some of the most vibrant and beautiful in all North America.
This is a picture of my backyard, taken today.

In another week, every bit of green will be gone from those leaves, leaving my backyard awash in ginger golds, Macintosh reds, and burnt oranges. With maybe a little umber mixed in.

And speaking of Macintosh reds, one of my favorite things to do in October is to go apple picking in one of our local orchards. When my daughter was younger, this was the perfect opportunity for a holiday card photo. I think for seven solid years we had a picture of her picking apples as our Christmas card! Nowadays, it's just hubby and me at home with our puppy,  so when we go apple picking I take pictures of him to share, LOL.
Here are a few of us on a recent sojourn. 

We were picking Golden Gingers because I wanted to make applesauce and that species is perfect for it. Naturally sweet and the apples hold up well during canning. BTW, Hubby didn't have his glasses on and couldn't see the camera screen clearly, plus he had a piece of apple in his mouth, which explains the bizarre look on his face.

Have you ever been to New England during the fall season? Are you like me, and live in this beautiful part of the country? Introduce yourself below because I don't know many people on this blog and if you can, add a picture of your little neck of the woods. Inquiring minds want to know all about you.
Okay, it's me. I'm the one with the inquiring ( some would say NOSY ) mind!!!

If you're looking for me, I can usually be found here:

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  1. Welcome, Peggy! It is still warm here and our trees don't usually turn colors. I do enjoy it now that the highs are only in the 80s.

  2. Welcome Peggy- I actually spent 3 weeks in Bethel Maine on training - different times of the year each time. Since I am a Texas girl, there were a few things I noted: The door at the top of the house is to escape in the snow drift, the houses were attached to barns to feed the critters in the winter, they use rhubarb in pies ( I have no idea what a rhubard is) and they don't sell cornbread mix in most of the grocery stores. Looking forward to hearing more about you.

  3. I've been to New England for peak several times, including this year in NH. It's a great place to find happy.


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