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Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Dog’s and Cat's Days of Summer~ Sherri Easley

I live an eventful life. My pets make sure of that so today I am going to tell you about my Dog and Cat days of Summer. 




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This last three weeks, I have had the Grand Dogger Mister and Grand Cat Gypsy in addition to my two dogs and two cats making a grand total of six- four legged friends in my house.

 Gypsy is in isolation, at her request, as she is elderly and anti-social- maybe a little like me- and seems to enjoy her privacy. She is no problem- but here is how the rest of my evenings go.

Mister comes to me, dancing to go out. He has tummy troubles because I “might” have given him a piece of steak- so I have to hurry before he has an accident on a rug.


I run to the door to let him out- calling to the others "Let's go outside."

Bandit and Mister are both hard of hearing but Snooki is right behind us- so Snooki and Mister go outside.

Snooki mainly goes out to snoop on the neighbors ( see her looking under the fence above?) and immediately wants in when she sees the neighbor’s dogs aren't out- so I let her in and wait for Mister, who has decided to check out the perimeter of the fence.

Five minutes later, I let him back in and Button runs out and away from me. I run through the yard, barefoot, in the dark, to get Button, who hisses and is mad that I bring her in.


As soon as I get her in, Bandit realizes everyone else went outside, so now he wants out, so I let him out.

He comes to the door to come in, but rather than coming straight in, waits to see what the offer is, like a treat to coax him in.

As I hold the door open motioning for him to come in, Bobbin runs outside. He is much faster than Button and will go up the hill and across the yard several times before becoming distracted by a bug and I catch him.


I finally have them all inside, wash my feet from whatever I may have stepped in running across the yard barefoot and go back to bed to write... and Mister comes dancing for me to let him out...and repeat!

  I hope you all are enjoying your Summer with several  of our author's great books.  At this rate, I may never get another one done and probably not much writing until the Grands have gone home.



  1. lol...Would it be easier to have a cat and dog door installed? Thanks for today's laugh.

  2. A doggy door would be great for the dogs, but the cats would escape- Just last week, Bobbin was in the yard on a supervised outing and shimmied his fat 14# butt under the fence into the neighbors yard and parked himself under a crepe myrtle about four feet away. I called for him and he just looked at me and meowed. I had to get the neighbor's gate code and walk all the way around their house to get him. He did the dead weight refusal to come ( like a toddler) He can't be trusted!

  3. We could never have a doggy door--even if we didn't have indoor cats. Outside we have visits from raccoons, squirrels, feral cats, possums, and the occasional fox. I do not want any of those inside the house. I know someone who went on a trip and forgot to lock the doggy door. They came home to find raccoons had run rampant in their house and chewed up the cables to their electronics among other damage.

    1. Caroline- that sounds about right! My animals would make friends with them.

  4. Oh, my goodness. How do you manage? I'd go crazy with that many critters in the house. *LOL*

    1. I will be glad when the grand dogger goes home. If he gets on the bed first, he is king and everyone else whines until I pick them up and put them on the bed. My 2 dog/ 2 cats really get along pretty good but yes, sometimes it is like a zoo.


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