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Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer Survival

Dearest Smart Girls,

We're halfway through the summer and so far I've survived. I cannot say the same for my grill which has been turned into a makeshift bonfire, the hand held net for the pool or the tree at the end of my driveway did not survive one of the boys climbing in it.....and we've gone through at least a box and a half of band-aids. My living room and bedrooms for the boys seem to triple in numbers for my house has become the hangout spot. We had our first trip to the ER when one of the boys busted his lip open while water skiing. #SurvivingSummer. 37 more days until school starts. Wooo sahhh ..

I am realizing I can survive with lists (and you know I have the planner to help!)

The boys and I are not that different. We all need some of the same things to survive this summer.

So here it is.. the middle of the summer and I'm playing catch-up. Catch-up on my DVR'd stuff, Catch-up on my Netflix, Catch-up on my writing, and Catch-up on my cleaning (okay I just added that to make myself look good). I did sign up for Camp Nanowrimo.
Have you? I started a cabin if you're interested. It's the
Plotters, Pantsers, & Pajamas-Romance Cabin 

If you're interested in joining it, find me on Twitter and let me know your campnanowrimo name.

I know I'm supposed to write like 1667 words a day. It's day 5 and I'm totally 600 words behind every day. I need help y'all!

I am revisiting my bad-ass-chick series. I just got a royalty statement and I'm sooooooooo flattered that after 3 years, folks are still buying it. Want to read about one?

Here are a few places you can get it.

Barnes and Noble
KOBO Books

The Wild Rose Press

This blog is going to be short and sweet. I'm dealing with what could be a gall bladder or a liver issue. I'll know in a little bit. The sucky thing is no eating after midnight...which I can do. It's not having my coffee in the morning that's worrying me. The world is a better place when I've had coffee. lol

Well, that's it for now,


Catch up on the Once Upon a Tiara Series and pre-order the next installment, Her Mistletoe Bachelor

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  1. Carolyn, hope your health issue is easily cured. Your house must be a hectic place but how wonderful that you are parenting your nephews as well as your own children. I admire you a great deal.


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