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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Six Ways To Do Nothing On Your Vacation (Reasons 1-3)

Hurray! You’re finally taking a vacation! If you’re like me, you’ll become the Energizer Bunny and want to see and do everything.

However, if you give yourself permission to take it slow, you’ll end up enjoying your vacation a lot more.

But how?

Today, I'm sharing 3 ways to do nothing on your vacation, and will continue with this series and three more ways next month.

First: Spend the afternoon enjoying the hotel’s pool. Your kids will be thrilled, and it's a perfect excuse to slow down.

Second:  Hang out at the local café and meet the locals. What could be more interesting than spending time with the locals and really learning about the area?

Third: Turn off your social media. Yes, it’s fun, but people are only putting up photos and experiences that are a fragment of what they are actually doing. Shut your mobile devices and soak in your vacation experiences in real time.

You won’t miss out on anything, I promise! It’s more enjoyable to explore local landmarks at your leisure then trying to tour every museum in the city, or famous landmark in the surrounding area.

Do you plan "down" time on your vacation? Please share your comments below.
And be sure to come back next month for 3 more good ways to do nothing on your vacation.

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  1. Two great things: summer vacation and Christmas in July. Thanks for the reminder of how to goof off and for the great Christmas romance.

  2. Now in retirement, I have many days I just enjoy reading or watching the grandkids play. When we went on vacation with kids, grandkids, or internationally I planned a day filled with activity and the next day at the pool taking it easy, sleeping in, exploring the neighborhood. This way nobody got stressed out and depending on the age of the kids they eren’t so cranky because they were over tired. We could have afternoon rest time and just relax.

    1. Absolutely excellent advice, and oh so practical!

  3. I agree. My husband and I just spent a month in Alaska visiting with family. We had only one planned train trip with our two sons, their wives, and a new grandson. The rest of the time was spent with calm short activities or spur of the moment, relaxing drives into the mountains. It was so much fun and relaxing...for a change. I actually had fun checking out the local grocery store! Very nice post.

    1. Thanks, Judy. Alaska must have been wonderful with your family!

  4. Our son and daughter-in-love are beginning a "staycation" today. Hubby and I love "staycations". There are lots of great activities to do here in Mount Pleasant SC. Also, just sitting on the beach and relaxing is a wonderful blessing.

    1. That is so true, Melissa. Sitting on the beach watching the ocean is wonderful and so relaxing!

  5. we do 3 of those tips you provided but not at local cafe but a local national park or state park. love pool after lunch because it's always empty. also around 4pm before dinner as everyone is just arriving back at the hotel to leave for dinner LOL we also will bring a can of tuna so we can keep the bill down on food. enjoy food we can eat also.

    1. Thanks for such good ideas, Julie! Going to the pool after lunch is a great time to go, especially because it's empty! :)


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