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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reluctant to Let Go of Summer

My headline says it all. I don't want to let go of summer.
Mainly because this past summer has been one of the most productive ones I've had in a long terms of writing.
Beach view on vacation
I edited two of my own manuscripts over the summer, plotted out a third novel, and edited three other manuscripts from other authors. Not to mention made about twenty different teasers for my existing series using Photoshop. (I am by no means a graphic design professional, but my skills are improving). And, I just finished a writers retreat last weekend were I wrote almost 14,000 words.
Extremely productive for me. After a months and months of stagnancy.
I am hoping to keep up this momentum for the start of school and into fall.
But to be honest, I can't quite pinpoint what made this summer different than others. Writer's block
My boys, brief escape from the heat
didn't hold my brain hostage like it had for a while, and things just started falling into place. I'm super excited for a new manuscript I've started, and can already feel the words flowing. Maybe our family vacation we took in July helped release some long-built tension. I always find the beach peaceful. A refuge. Every book I've written contains water as an important setting or even a character all its own. I wish I could go back to that beach. That was a fabulous escape. I highly recommend Panama City Beach, even though it was crowded.
Unfortunately, this past summer I've also had to say good-bye to a few close friends, who had helped me along the way in my writing career. Life just gets in the way, and they had to close up shop. I know that when life closes a door or two, it finds a way of opening others in their place. But in their wake, I feel as though I'm standing here wondering where to go next. Which direction do I walk?
The good news is I will have new content ready to share with the world, which is always the first and most important step. I just want to give them the best presentation I can.
Me & my better half
But with every changing season, there is one thing that never changes: change. Things will always change. Just as much as they will always stay the same.
Now, enough poetic drivel. Go enjoy your last remnants of summer.

Susan Sheehey writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance. She's a strong advocate for autism awareness and acceptance, and includes the element of water in all of her novels. She lives in Texas with her husband and two boys. Follow her on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestBookBub, and join her monthly newsletter on her website for updated information and prizes!

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  1. I find water soothing, too, whether it's the ocean or a lake. Nice to learn your writing is increasing. I never know what makes mine spur upward but am always grateful when it occurs.


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