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Sunday, August 20, 2017


By Caroline Clemmons

Why do I write novels? Mostly because I can’t stop. LOL  There have been a few times when I became discouraged with my career path and decided to quit writing. I couldn’t. It appears I HAVE to write.

Seriously, I believe romance offers hope to readers who face what seems like insurmountable problems in their own lives. Reading about characters who overcome challenges and achieve happily-ever-after offers readers the dream that they too can achieve their dreams. In fact, I say romance authors sell hope. Since I’m an eclectic reader, I’m an eclectic writer. I write paranormal, contemporary and historical romance. I've also written two mysteries, although I’m happier writing romance.

Romance books offer hope to readers

I write the kinds of stories I enjoy reading. As a theme, I want readers to find hope in my novels. Another theme is family in various forms, but always that family support one another--even if family is bonded friends rather than blood relatives. Finally, I think a second chance/redemption is a continual theme. Don’t we all wish we had a second chance to right past wrong decisions?

I want readers to sigh with pleasure at the outcome of the characters at the same time they’re sorry the book is ended. Also, I want readers to feel hopeful after one of my books. Let’s face it, I’m not Ken Follett and I don’t write books like PILLARS OF THE EARTH. I love Follett’s books, but that’s not at all what I want to write. Romances and cozy mysteries are what a lot of people call mind candy...novels intended to entertain and provide escape from worldly cares. Otherwise, why not watch the evening news?

I just want to write my kind of books

One of my big passions is genealogy and family history. I’ve always loved history, and learning about family brings history alive for me. My brother and I compiled and published a book on my father’s family. My dad is no longer living, but he had asked me to do this book, so my brother and I honored the request. I also love the old family photos and collected those for the book and for my own family. 

Antique pie safe we did NOT buy.

Another passion is browsing antique malls. My younger daughter and I used to have booths in a couple of antique malls, but the time required to maintain a good selection is too much for us. We loved it, though. If either of us won the lottery, that’s probably what my younger daughter would do with her life. Maybe I should remember to buy a lottery ticket.

My husband and I like to watch movies (thanks, Netflix!). Most of my free goof-off time is spent reading. My husband’s an avid reader, so some evenings we read instead of watching TV or a movie.

I appreciate so much the readers who have told me they like my books and my writing. Positive feedback fuels my progress on the next book. I appreciate my family for their support and assistance. My husband maintains my website. Both daughters help in various ways. Every day I get to do what I love. Consider me a lucky woman living her happily-ever-after!


  1. Such an enjoyable post. I, too, write historical, contemporary, and often combine genres of mystery, romance, and sometimes paranormal. I love to read. I spend way too much time reading--many times instead of writing. But hey, life should be doing the things where you find pleasure, shouldn't it?

  2. I, for one, am soooo happy that your passion is writing! I love reading your books!

  3. I like the mix of elements to books that you bring to yours. Romances of the best sort, again like yours, bring a lot more than a love story to the table.

    I used to love browsing antique stores and would covet a pie safe like that one. I ran out of space though unless I get rid of something that has a ton of memories. So now, I don't do it much but miss experiencing the discovery moment


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