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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Book Trailers! Yay or Nay?

For the first time, I delved into the realm of book trailers.

A friend of mine is big into the video graphics and design, and worked with me in creating a new book trailer for 2 novels in my Royals of Solana series.

The process was as equally fun as it was time consuming. Going through hours and hours of footage on stock video sites, and determining the best snippets for the overall tone was much harder than I expected.

And that hasn’t even considered the various ‘rules’ of book trailers. I didn’t even know there were rules. But the number one rule was: 30 seconds or less. Which is a lot harder to achieve. It’s like the synopsis battle: shoving an entire novel into 350 words or less.

But I love how they turned out. Let me know your thoughts. They are only 30 seconds each.

Authors: have you considered book trailers for novels?
Readers: do you pay attention to trailers? Have they impacted your decision to purchase a novel or not?

Prince of Solana

Jewel of Solana

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Prince of Solana

Jewel of Solana

Crown of Solana 
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Susan Sheehey writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance. She is a strong advocate for autism awareness and acceptance, and includes the healing element of water in all of her novels. She lives and laughs in Texas with her husband and sons. Follow Susan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and her monthly newsletter.


  1. I do them for most of the books but don't really think they sell books. Readers though have said they enjoy them. Mine are simple. The rule I had been taught is 60 seconds, which is still short for getting enough into it.

  2. I also do video book trailers for my books and for friends. I don't think they sell books, but they do increase awareness of a book. Nice video trailers for your books. You conquered the one rule that so many have trouble with: shorter is better. Good job.

  3. Susan, I did a couple of book trailers but haven't done more. I especially liked the one for Jewel of Solana. Captivating ending. I wish you continued success with your books.


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