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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Filling in for Mary Adair, who is ill

When I promote my books and novellas in Kindle World, people often ask what is a Kindle World and how is that different from any other e-book for Kindle. So, here's the explanation:

There are numerous Kindle Worlds. The one in which I write is Debra Holland's Montana Sky Series. What this means is that I use my hero and heroine for a story, but it is set in Debra's locale of either Morgan Crossing or Sweetwater Springs in eastern Montana. In addition, my hero and heroine interact with characters Debra has established.

My usual setting for a book is Texas, so I had to learn about Montana. I've never been to the state, but I'd love to visit the state sometime. A view of the mountains sounds lovely.

There are advantages to being in a Kindle World. One is the chance to acquire new readers. I'm all for that! Another advantage is that Amazon helps promote. Promotion is a mill stone around the neck of every author. The time we spend promoting our work is time we aren't writing. Besides, I want to write, not deal with all the other things necessary to sell my books.

The disadvantages are that the author loses rights to the book or novella. This was the hardest point for me to wrap my head around. No one wants to give up rights to their work.

The author still receives royalty payments but cannot turn the book into print or place the story with any other vendor. In addition, the royalty payments are split between the author and the owner of the world--in my case that's Debra Holland.

Amazon controls pricing and sales. For instance, Amazon placed MURDOCH'S BRIDE on sale this month for 99 cents. I can't complain, because the sale has made the book a bestseller. Seeing that little orange banner on my Amazon page is always nice.

I've been very pleased with the results of my foray into Kindle World. So far, I've written four stories for Debra Holland's Montana Sky Series. The latest is BRIDE'S ADVENTURE. Another will be released in July.

AMANDA'S RANCHER is the first one I wrote and the longest and my favorite. I love the hero and heroine and the struggle they overcome. For AMANDA'S RANCHER, I spent a lot of time researching. Although I'd read and enjoyed Debra Holland's books, I had to reread them and take notes. THE RANCHER AND THE SHEPHERDESS includes the least of Debra's characters of the four I've written. BRIDE'S ADVENTURE was fun to write because of the predicaments she causes for herself.

Now you know what a Kindle World is. I hope you'll read and enjoy mine!


  1. Contracts like that always generate mixed feelings. On one hand, you want it to be a bestseller, but on the other hand, you worry about what would happen if a movie producer wanted it! (Not likely but nice to dream.) Of course, we authors are always worried about something or other--real or imagined. I guess we can thank our writer's imagination for that. Congrats on the bestseller banner.

  2. Great insight into what a Kindle World is. I think all authors obsess over prices, sales publishers, exposure and royalties, etc., etc. I agree with Joan, we authors are always worried about something. "Murdoch's Bride" sounds like a winner.

  3. Murdoch's Bride is a winner!!! FYI - I used to live in Montana. Pick my brain any time!

  4. I've been curious about Kindle World. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's definitely something to consider!
    I'm sorry to hear Mary Adair is ill. I'm sending healing thoughts her way.


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