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Sunday, March 26, 2017

From One World to Another

~~ by Vonnie Davis

I've always been in a world of my own. Dancing to the tune of a flute while others march to the beat of a drum. Seeing pictures in the clouds while others are watching for steps. Writing in the middle of crowded restaurants tuning out the noise and activity because I'm mentally in the world of my book.

I'm often bored by normal adult conversation when I'd rather listen to my grandkids talk about what they've learned in school. No doubt many of you are, too. It's called grandma's world.

My one grandson, a high school junior, who finds everything stupid, and I can talk for hours about current events. He wants to know my opinions on this or that. I'd sooner hear his. Bring out the Cheetoes, Nachos,  and sodas. We're in our world. Often, I'm clueless while he's well informed. Believe me, I google behind him.  He was "feelin' the Berne" during the primary and taught me a lot about how a teenager's view of the world operates. How they feel issues need handled.

Another grandson, a freshman at MIT, got an internship working on equipment for the Mars 2020 Land Rover, developing ways to tell the age of rocks on Mars by using a spectrometer (much lighter in weight and thus requiring less fuel for the shuttle). Here he is delivering a report for a team of NASA people. His deathlike grip on the microphone is no indication of his nerves. Space, science and math--he was doing square roots in his head by the sixth grade--are his world and thus mine.

I'm now entering another world. Kindle Worlds. I was approached to write a novella to follow the world NYT's best selling author Carly Phillips created in her "Dare series." She has two such series. One set in Florida and another set in New York. I chose the series set in New York because of the storyline flash that zapped my mind. My title's been approved: A STRANGER'S DARE. Date of release will be in July. My mind is working out details while I prepare a romantic suspense for self-publication. Because, in my world, you can mentally work on more than one story at a time.

I love stepping from one world to another. The journey helps keep my mind sharp. Read more about my writing at


  1. Wonderful about your grandsons, Vonnie. I love talking to my grandbabies, too. And congrats on the new book world you've been invited to enter.

    1. Thank you, Beth. Of all the worlds I'm in, I think Grandma's World is the best.

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your grandsons. I agree that Grandma's World is a lovely place to be.
    Congratulations on your upcoming book. I'll be watching for its release.

  3. I'm always in Mom's World or writer's world. I forget what it's like to think about things other than writing ... and Momming(this should really be a word).


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