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Friday, March 24, 2017

CRITICAL BOOK REVIEWS - Love them or hate them?

by Judy Ann Davis
"Every human being is entitled to courtesy and consideration. 
Constructive criticism is not only to be expected but sought.” 
~ Mary Chase Smith
As much as we writers hate to admit it, we often read positive reviews of our work with smiles and enthusiastic enjoyment. On the other hand, when we receive a critical objective review, we too often get annoyed or depressed, instead of looking for value and constructive advice from it. That’s when it’s time for us to pause, consider the advice, sort out the positive, and hopefully apply the knowledge we’ve gained to our next creative works.

Let’s face it, we all want to hear how wonderful we are. But how does hearing only the good things help us to improve? Sure it builds our ego and makes us feel good. But what does it do to help us grow? How does it help us to face new challenges? To correct unknown mistakes? To set higher goals?

Sometimes we need to step back and ask some tough questions from our critics, friends, and associates. So how do you really feel about my work? What worked for you? What didn’t you like? Please be honest.

Only when we use criticism to learn something about ourselves, do we learn to make changes, grow, and better develop our work. 

Margaret Chase Smith served 32 years in Congress and was the first woman elected to both the House and Senate.  Although a champion for women’s issues, she was always clear about being seen as a U.S. Senator and not a woman Senator.  In 1964, she became the first credible female candidate for president.
will be released on May 17th. Stay tuned!
Here's a sneak peek passage:

      He leaned against a post and reread the letter, then stared off to the distant hills fading away as gray dusk turned to darkness.  
     “Did I throw you for a loop, Richard Lee Junior?” a scratchy voice asked.
     Rich jumped and looked around. From the farthest corner of the porch, a rocking chair moved slowly back and forth. Back and forth. But there was no one sitting on it. The night was still and tranquil without a hint of a breeze.
     Rich set the glass and letter on the railing and rubbed his tired face with his hands. “It’s been a long day,” he muttered to himself, “and now I’m hallucinating. 
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  1. I try to check on my reviews but don't regularly go looking for whether there are new ones. Some critics I'd love to say wait, here's why the character did this or that; but they say never do that. It is definitely more fun to get a positive one than a negative one, but I consider what the negative ones say. Sometimes what they hated though is the essence of the story for me. I am though grateful for any reviews as I don't go asking for them and the ones that come my way are a gift that they took the time to write-- even when they hated the story


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