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Monday, March 6, 2017

Big City – Small City—it’s love to me

Big City – Small City—it’s love to me

By Carolyn Hector

So I always dreamed of living in NYC. I lived there from a very young age until I was about 11. So I see it with these rose colored glasses. It is a magical place filled with fodder to help me write. I get so excited when I see these tall buildings with all these windows and think of the stories stemming from each apartment or office space. 

You’d think I’d live vicariously through my characters and set my stories in big cities but for some reason I am drawn to setting my heroes and heroines in small towns. Don’t question the madness in my head.
I wondered if it’s the shows I like…and I watch a lot of shows. I really love young adult stories about first loves and heartaches. It doesn’t matter what kind of city you live in—love is love. What are some of my favorite shows you ask (or didn’t)… Big City shows Gossip Girl. .. Small town shows.. One Tree Hill or Friday Night Lights, Hart of Dixie, and Gilmore Girls. So maybe I just discovered my love for small towns.
 The bottom line of it all is I love watching people fall in love and I love creating people who fall in love.
I am currently at my biannual retreat with my writer chicks and I caught a twitter feed about boycotting my beloved Beauty and the Beast because a character is gay. Um.. so what. I look at it and see the tragic unrequited love of Lafau with Gaston. I am more curious about how Gaston is going to come to his senses realize the perfect person has been by his side the whole time. Fan fiction? Hmmm.

So anyway.. I did say I’m at my retreat but I wanted to come out of the writer-cave and say hey and tell y’all what’s on my mind.

What books have I read lately? I stepped out of my comfort zone and read my first book on The Lifestyle (BDSM). The story was HOT .. I was up at 3:00 am reading it. I bought a few more books by the author. Bridget Midway. Give her a shot. My friend KD King recommended her. .. by the way KD is an edusexual..   she knows a lot of stuff and recommended it…so I am passing the good word

I read Love My Way and it’s great for beginners who know nothing other than the stereotypical you view things through Ananda’s eyes as well as Eagans. 

I hope everyone had a grand Valentine's Day... here's a few pics of what I ended up doing


I decided to make a snack-pack bouquet for my boys, the work-study girl in my office and the 10 work study kids in my husband's office... then making cinnamon rolls for the middle school teachers and administration staff because they are G-R-E-A-T.

What's my hustle? Book 3 in this 2nd 3-book contract and then I'm on with my book 1 in the 4-book contract. Fingers crossed!
I also love shoes... odd shoes that are conversation pieces.


If you're like me... the book shoes are by Groove Bags... same for the Romance Writer shoes
The notebook shoes came from Hot Chocolate.

If you're going to RT or RWA this year, .... look for me wearing these!!

I'm getting my creative hustle on. Eventually I'll get an Etsy page. Stay tuned.. but I thought these are great writer-retreat gifts.. I mean "treat" is in the title... right? I want to reach everyone's genre.. so let me know your genre and I'll create one. Don't worry... I've got some cowboy gear coming soon 


 Alright y'all... Happy Reading...Happy Writing.

Mr. and Mrs. RossiThe Bachelor and the Beauty Queen

His Southern Sweetheart  The Beauty and the CEO


  1. Carolyn, I had no idea you created those treats for writers. What a neat idea. Hope your retreat recharged your writing energy!

  2. It's funny, but I think NYC is magical even though my books are all small town, too. I think it's because I can envision more ways to move my characters around in a more rural/small town setting. Good luck with all your endeavors.

  3. I love everything you showed! What wonderful gift ideas. Let us know when you get that Etsy shop.

    As to cities vs. small towns. I grew up in a small town, and I live in a big city most of the time. I escape metro life to the country when I can. I write a lot of small town settings. Small towns just seem friendlier.


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