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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Can Cats Be 'Divine Messengers of Comfort'?

By Beth Trissel

I've had a rough time lately, losing my beloved little dog, Sadie, four weeks ago to congestive heart. Sadie was my devoted friend and writing buddy, ever by my side. Her work, as she saw it, was taking care of me. A week after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, my longtime pal, Kitty Percy, followed her. Percy was also a constant friend and the best snuggler ever. I was counting on him to help me survive Sadie's loss. Both of them saw me through countless (actually, they can be counted) stories and writing projects.

(Sadie and Percy beside me on the couch)

Sadie and Percy passed before I finished the Christmas time travel romance I was at work on, and the story was due. The Wild Rose Press doesn't issue deadlines for authors, unless you're writing for a holiday or special line. So here I was crying my eyes out and incapacitated. The story languished. Then I noticed whenever I succumbed to tears, Kitty Cream hopped onto the armrest beside me, purring and snuggling. (I write on the couch with my laptop.) Kitty Peaches and Pavel also sit with me, but Cream takes his duties more seriously. It's like I've been assigned to him. He's on call, and is with me now. Our rescue dog, Jilly, has been down over Sadie's loss. Cheering her up is my project, though her presence is also a comfort.

Back to my neglected story, with Cream purring by my side, nuzzling my head and shoulder, I started writing again, cramming weeks of words into a handful of days. Sometimes, he even sat in Sadie's spot on the couch, so it wasn't empty. With his support, I made it through. My other furbabies lent their aid, too, but Cream was/is my biggest helper. I scrambled to get this story to my wonderful editor, Nicole D'Arienzo, who is working to get it ready for release during the upcoming holidays. You will hear more about The White Lady later, the second in the New Adult time travel/fantasy romance series The Wild Rose Press has signed me to write entitled 'Ladies in Time'. I dedicated the first in the series, Somewhere My Lady, to my dear Sadie. I will soon have a cover and release date for that one to share. I'm counting on Cream, and the gang, to help me make it through the third in the series. Especially as I'm struggling for a plot.

Interesting to note, I include a cat in every story I write with an old home setting.

(Kitty Cream beside me)

Shortly after finishing The White Lady, I found a book among my TBR pile, Angel Cats, Divine Messengers of Comfort, by Allen & Linda Anderson. Daughter Elise had picked it up at a thrift store and I'd forgotten about it. What a perfect find for me. The deeply perceptive couple share their cat related insights, along with a moving collection of accounts submitted to them by people from all walks of life. Some of these folk were not cat people initially. The authors also pose meditative reflections. Among the thought provoking questions was one along the lines of: Has a cat ever entered your life and given you comfort when you most needed it? Ummm, yes.

Granddaughter, Emma, found Cream and his brother Peaches on our farm after they had been abandoned by their mother. She summoned me and I took in these tiny mites at the age of two weeks. Hours of bottle feeding, bottom wiping ensued, plus running back and forth to the vet because they were sick. Along the way, we formed a deep bond. I saved them, and now they are saving me.
Never underestimate the love and nurture you may gain from a cat. God can use them as Divine Messengers of Comfort. I'm seeing this firsthand. It's the purr factor, the ageless wisdom in a cat's eyes, their innate ability to 'know' that is the essence of their ministry. Or can be, if we are so blessed.

(Peaches and Cream soon after I rescued them, They will be three in August.)

Cream and Pavel are Siamese Tabby mixes. Peaches is a pale orange tabby. All are rescues.

(Kitty Pavel)

(Peaches-orange tabby)

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  1. Animals always know when we need them. Glad you have them.
    Sue B

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for writing and sharing

  3. Aww, what a wonderful support network of furry friends you have! It's hard to get over the loss of our beloved family members, and I'm glad Cream knows where his responsibilities lie. He's a good kitty.

    1. It's a terribly difficult loss to recover from. Yes, I am very blessed in my furry friends. Thanks. :)

  4. The loss of a pet can be devastating, especially if they bond with you. They do make great editors. I'm glad you have more furry friends to help you cope as you help them cope, too. Some of their furry family has gone missing. They can't cry, so they come closer to the person they trust most for comfort...and to give it, as well.

  5. Beautifully written, Beth. Every day you will begin to feel better, especially as the weather warms and you can get out to work in the yard and garden. The flowers also help healing to take place.

  6. Whenever I am not feeling good, into the room walks Miss Leona. She jumps up onto me..lap, chest, wherever, and snuggles.

  7. Great post my friend! I see some healing in there!

    1. Thanks Patsy. Yes, some healing in unexpected ways.

  8. You sound like a terrific furbaby Mom. Thank you for all the rescues you've helped, and so sorry for your heartache.

  9. Beth, I actually suffered with you when Sadie passed. You may remember when we chatted when my beloved cat, Baby, died. At that time I knew you understood my terrible grief. Right after my much loved husband died, my grand daughters found a litter of kittens in the woods behind their house and decided that was just what I needed, a small warm body to love. And love I did. With Baby I acquired her brother, TJ, and those two tiny kittens became my life line. They didn't mind their wet coats from a million tears, and never got tired of being wrapped in my arms. Both of them slept with me, followed me every step of every day, brought me the obligatory gifts of mice, and always greeted me at the door after work, needing my lap to comfort them. TJ went first at the age of 6 and Baby about a year later. My entire family loved those two, and we had tearful little services for both. Then, about a week after we buried Baby, one chilly, foggy night, I was outside and heard a cat call out from within the fog bank. Seconds later, Baby appeared and stood watching me. She tilted her head and meowed at me and then turned and disappeared back into the fog. Some may think I was hallucinating, but I know what I saw, and I know my darling Baby was telling me she was alright and I should let her go. It was one of the most emotional moments of my entire life. So yes, I understand your feelings for Sadie, and I wish you could have had such a moving moment with her as I had with Baby. I knew after that night that she was safe and happy, as is Sadie. Our pets are family to those of us who accept the love and comfort they give us. God Bless you and your other pets as you work through this sad time. Big hugs from me to you. <3

    1. Thanks so much, Jinny. I really appreciate you sharing that wonderful account, and remember your amazing experience with Baby. Big hugs and much love to you.


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