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Friday, July 8, 2016


By Mary Adair

OPHELIA (Bride Brigade Book 4)  by Caroline Clemmons
5 Stars.

Ophelia lay on her stomach as her childhood friend applies ointment to the angry red whelps, some bleeding or oozing, that cress-cross her back.   Ophelia is on her way to find a new life.  She has a dream, and the fact that she counts herself lucky to be alive after that last beating she received from her scripture quoting father, feeds her determination to see it through.  She will find a good, church going man; a kind, gentle man that will love and cherish her and their future children.  She will never suffer another beating and neither will her children-to-be.

I love the Ophelia character. Too many women in the world can personally identify with the shame and fear that accompanies such evil mistreatment.  Ophelia, though she appears to many to be shy and withdrawn, proves herself to be strong and determined not only in her beliefs but in her determination to create for herself a respectable and safe life.

Ophelia and Josephine (a quick fact…Josephine has her own book in the series) are traveling to Tarnation, a small Texas town, to be a part of the “Bride Brigade".  Once they arrive, Ophelia falls in love with the town and its people and knows she will stay in Tarnation even if she does not find the husband of her dreams.  Of course, she is determined to find the man to fill those shoes and bring her dreams to fruition.

Enter Elias Kendrick. Ophelia feels an immediate attraction for Elias. He seems perfect. Elias is polite, handsome, attentive and… he built the town theater, but…(can you hear the screech of the needle on the turntable?) she also learns he owns and runs the town saloon.  Her heart tells her Elias is the one she wants to marry, but there is one surprise after the other that causes her to doubt that decision. 

I love all of Ms Clemmons’ stories but I particularly enjoy these shorter (45, 000 words) stories. Well written, and well plotted, this is a heart lifting story of personal growth, and dreams coming true. It will leave you feeling happy and looking for the next story. I definitely plan on reading the whole series. 


  1. I agree with Mary Adair. This is absolutely a well written story! Am looking forward to the next in the series!!

  2. Love Caroline Clemmons western romance!

  3. The Bride Brigade series is on my TBR list. I've enjoyed Caroline's books, and I'm looking forward to reading this one ASAP. Sounds like a terrific story.

  4. I had not seen Caroline for several years but had the pleasure of spending time with her this past Saturday. It was a nice reminder that she has always been a lovely and talented writer and a genuine sweetheart to be around.


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