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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Half-way through the summer and the novel!

By Carolyn Hector Hall
Hi Everyone! I hope you all survived the 4th of July. It’s rabbit food from here on out until my next retreat…. (4 months from now!!)
The Galaxy (as I like to call them) are gone for the week with their Grandpa in Lake Martin, AL.
YAY me.. You’d think I would have time to get all this writing done. But no, the hubby wants to finish our long list of shows on the DVR. We can never seem to get through a show without a knock on the door… “Aunt Carolyn-…can I have… he’s doing… we’re out of… we’re hungry”.

I’ll tell you what though! That backyard slip-n-slide was a hit.It's given me a lot of time to write. 
And my almost 20 year old daughter has insisted on me going with her to pick out her new car (she’s been working and saving)… so who am I to say no?

I need to put myself on a tighter schedule. I feel like I say that all the time but for real… I’ve got deadlines which I'm half way meeting..but of course at 3:00 am this morning a story hit me…. One about mermaids. I see the whole thing in my head. What do I know about Mermaids.... and I'll tell ya what.. this idea certainly wasn't like the little mermaid story I know! HA!

And of course there’s work. How many years do I have before retiring? UGH, too many.

What's going on in social media? Well, of course I'm all about diversifying everyone's TBR pile. Follow this  on Twitter and/or 

 Hot Undercover Bosses

And if you're in the Orlando area, this is going on in a few months.... Kianna Alexander's Fall Into Romance

Alright, that's it for now. Happy reading, happy writing! Talk to ya next month. 

And a PS I saw on Alethea Kontis's Twitter page.... 



  1. Fun post, Carolyn. Loved the eating schedule! That's the way I remember it. Have a great month.

  2. Your post made me smile. I G+ it but can't post to FB or Twitter. I'm at doctor's appt. with daughter and their WiFi will NOT connect to Twitter of FB. *grumble grumble*. have a happy summer.


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