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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Calm Before Life's Storm by Vonnie Davis

I feel like I've been biding my time, as my mother used to say. I'm working on two books and a novella right now, but I'm also sitting back...waiting for a series of events to begin. Tomorrow, I turn 68 and I have no clue how that can be happening. I was just 39 a couple of months ago.

June 1st, we travel to Maryland for my grandson's high school graduation. He's graduating top of his class and going to MIT in the fall. He has two nicknames: Shooby-Doobie-Do and Nerd. He wears both proudly. I'll also get to see both of my sons and my 2 other grandchildren.

June 8th, we're flying to Columbus, Ohio to attend my granddaughter's wedding. She just graduated from college with a double major. I'll get to see the remaining 3 of my 6 grandchildren. What a huge "Grandma-fix" that will be. They're all grown, busy, and so often out of touch.

June 21st, my publisher is putting my first paranormal book on sale for .99 for a limited time, hoping to generate interest in my name for release of book one of my new contemporary series. So, I'll need to push both the sale and my upcoming release--HER SURVIVOR, Black Eagle Ops, Book One. Promo is such a chore for me. I'd sooner have a root canal.

July 11th, I have cataract surgery. Good-bye foggy vision!!!

July 19th, HER SURVIVOR releases and I'll be hosting a book release party on Facebook. Let's hope I can see what I'm posting.

In the days between all these happenings--joyful though most of them may be--I'll be kissing the computer keys with my fingertips, trying to meet deadlines. Oh, and edits. Let's not forget the rounds of edits that will roll in from time to time. I love the writing process, my soul yearns for it. Meeting those deadlines? I can't say I have a whole lot of affection for those. In fact, I'm usually 4 or 5 days late. Thank goodness my editor at Random House is so good to me.

If you enjoy a bit of whimsy, a touch of paranormal, and an aging pink-haired hippie who does a wee bit of comical meddling, you might enjoy my Highlander Beloved Series. Book one will be on sale from June 21st until July 2nd.

To my great surprise, book two of the series, A HIGHLANDER'S PASSION, was a finalist in the HOLT Medallion contest this spring.


Buy link for Book Two--A HIGHLANDER'S PASSION



  1. Good luck with those deadlines, Vonnie, and have a great time with your family.

    1. Thanks, Joan. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone. If you see a group shot of my granddaughter's wedding, I'll be the woman with her face buried in her hankie. Yes, I am that sobbing female people joke about at's a compulsion, I tell you. :-)

  2. You're a busy woman! Enjoy your family time.

    1. Oh, I will, Sandra. I feel "grandma hug" deprived.

  3. Busy and important times. Good luck with the books

  4. Busy times indeed, Vonnie. I appreciate your honesty and humor. :) And feel for you. Your titles sound awesome and I am hopping on that sale! I'm amazed by all you accomplish.

  5. Busy times indeed, Vonnie. I appreciate your honesty and humor. :) And feel for you. Your titles sound awesome and I am hopping on that sale! I'm amazed by all you accomplish.


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