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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Romancing Real Life by Paty Jager

Thirty-seven years ago today I married a man who swept me off my feet, and yet, most would wonder why. He’s your typical male. Forgets important dates if they aren’t related to haying or calving, shaves when his beard itches, does, thankfully, shower every night, but will sometimes put the dirty outer clothes back on the next day saying he’s saving me wash.(which is a romantic gesture from his way of thinking) He doesn’t cook, barbecue, or do dishes or the laundry. In fact, the biggest thing he does in the house is walk a dirty cup to the sink. He’s slowly learning to use the microwave when I’m gone.

But he makes me laugh and does do some sweet things now and then. Buying me a hay baler for Christmas wasn’t so sweet, but when he brought me a bunch of hand-picked wildflowers it melted my heart. There are days he does little things that remind me of why I fell for him all those years ago. And those are the traits I bestow on my heroes in my books.

Years ago when I became published in romance I asked, my then out of school, daughters if they wanted to read my books. They both responded, “I don’t want to know what you and Dad do.”  I quickly told them, what was in the books had nothing to do with Dad and I. Romance books are written mostly for women by women and therefore they are the fantasies of the writers, giving men the stamina, playfulness, and romantic gestures women would like in a man. After my daughters married they understood what I was talking about. ;)

That’s not to say there aren’t men out there who fulfill a woman’s romantic needs completely, but face it, most men don’t have that romantic quality most women dreamed of as girls. And that’s where romance books come into the picture. You can read about men who do the things you wish your man would do. It helps fulfill a part of that romantic need. The same as watching a romantic movie. It gives your heart and soul a bit of “Awe, that was sweet” and gives you hope. (My husband prefers Hallmark movies over shoot-em up blood and gore- bonus for me!)

I had never dreamed of marrying as a girl. I was an independent child and teenager and didn’t want a man telling me what do to like my father did. He demanded I be first chair in band, I had straight A’s, and I go into the medical field after school. I wanted the Arts. Music, art, writing. I spent one year in school for a medical profession and kicked loose of my father’s demands. Living on my own, I was enjoying doing things I wanted to do. Then one night at an Under-Twenty-One club, in walked my husband. We met that night and six months later we were talking forever. Two years later we married. 

Just like in romance books, when the right person comes along, there isn’t anything in this universe that can keep them apart. Love reigns supreme! 

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Three historical western romance books and a novella featuring characters from the Halsey Brothers Series.
Laying Claim
Jeremy Duncan heads into the Yukon Territory by dog team in the middle of a blizzard to keep Clara Bixbee, a strong-willed, business-minded, beauty, alive.
Staking Claim
Colin Healy, an American who has inherited an English estate, and Livie Leatherby, an imposter trying to save her family, find themselves marked for death as they travel by steam ship and railroad to find safety with the Halsey family.

Claiming a Heart
Donny Kimball’s loss of sight didn’t blind his heart. It can see far more than his eyes ever could. His heart tells him Callie MacPherson needs him as much as he needs her. If only he can convince her of that before they both get killed in the Pendleton tunnels.

A Husband for Christmas
Final Novella in the Halsey Homecoming and Halsey Brothers Series
Shayla Halsey wanted to be home for Christmas, but never imagined her travels would include spending the night in a brooding stranger’s cabin. Snowballing events cause her to look inside herself and recognize maybe it wasn’t being home she wanted as much as it was to have a home.    


  1. I just love your romantic story and your independence. Him giving you wildflowers made me go squishy. Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! The wildflowers has been one of his more romantic moments. Thanks for commenting!

  2. What a wonderful post it reminded me of my husband. We didn't do a lot of mandatory Valentine's day "stuff" but he loved to hunt, and would bring home dinner and dried wildflowers. Your stirred a nice memory for me.

  3. Gini, I'm glad I bring up good memories for you. Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

  4. Your post reminds me of the Mel Gibson movie "What Women Want." Mind reading is so invasive and unnecessary. All men need to do is read a few of the books their spouse reads. Strip away the extreme stuff done for the sake of drama and take a lesson from what her favourite heroes do.

    1. Alison, That is so true. If men read romances they would know what a woman wants. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Happy anniversary, Paty! See you in June. ☺

    1. Hi Jacquie! Looking forward to Silver City in June! My outfit is complete. Contact me if you need me to help with anything.

  6. Happy 37th anniversary, Paty! Your guy sounds like a keeper...although the hay baler had me laughing out loud! It is wonderful to find, read, and write romance in books, though!! God's blessings always!

  7. Great post! Happy Anniversary!!!

  8. Love this! Happy Anniversary!

    Kathleen Bylsma

  9. Great post, Paty. I had no idea you were headed for medicine. Lucky for us, you held out for writing.

  10. Hi Caroline, Believe me patients are better off without me being in the medical field. While I can take care of emergencies without flinching, I can't stick a hypodermic needle in an animal without flinching and cringing and watching my husband work on animals and seeing how they hurt makes me nauseous. I know sometimes it has to hurt to get something healed- like cleaning a wound to keep it from getting infected, but it is really hard for me to do. So writing and making my characters strong enough to deal with those kinds of things is my way of dealing with it. LOL That's why I like being a writer! Thanks for the kind words!


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