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Friday, May 6, 2016

ABC--Always Be Creative (While trying to get over the death of Prince)

By the time this posts, it will have been about 2 weeks since I cried for the first time over the death of a celebrity. But for me it wasn’t just a celebrity—it was my childhood.
I followed the drama of Vanity and Prince before it became cool to merge the names together. I wonder if it would be Vince or Panity? Hmmm. 

I equate my love for Price around the time that I decided to stop being childish and playing with childish things (Barbie went on the shelf). I went from a kid to a young lady. Maybe “lady” is a bit of a stretch. Let’s go back to the beginning. I was new to town and cute (if I do say so myself). I went from playing Barbie to being the most-hated girl in school. I was suddenly a “hoe” or “ho”… (Whatever).
Prince came into my life and helped me through this time. I embraced being the tawdry one in school. Prince introduced me to dirty lyrics. Prince brought out the dirty side in me.
My older step-sister had the album (yes, I did say album)

1999. When I first heard-- Let’s Pretend We’re Married! Whew! I thought I was the coolest thing in the world for knowing those lyrics.  I introduced my friends to that song.
We all sat around and tried to guess how old we would be in 1999. We were all going to drive a little red corvette.
Then comes this movie, Purple Rain. According to my friends, I looked like Apollonia. So I embraced that. I wore laced gloves. I feathered my hair like hers (as much as one could with curly hair).
I studied the Purple Rain videos that were released. Then when it came time for the movie to be released, my parents banned me from watching it. The horror. I had to listen to my friends ... the friends *I* introduced to Prince go on and on about this movie. I could quote it before even seeing it. But when my grandmother passed away a few weeks later, my step-sister bought me tickets to go see it with a friend and took us there. (She had a party at the house that weekend as well, so I’m pretty sure that was a bribe).
To this day whenever I meet someone from Minnesota, I wonder if they’ve purified themselves in Lake Minnetonka. 
(And if the person has no idea what I’m talking about, yes.. I do judge them!)

By 1986, my wild side landed me at boarding school. Prince followed. Kiss-reminds me of high school years. Young and fun.
I remember Diamonds and Pearls, and the guy I used to date. Did we want to have a boy or a girl?
Ahh all the sweet love stories I wrote to that song.
Need to write a love scene and you’re stuck? Pop in Orgasm. It’s not that long, but you get the point.

I could go on and on about how his songs touched me and motivated me. Yes, I said motivated. I learned from Prince the ABC to life. Always-Be-Creating.

So with that being said, I’m going to get back to my Prince music and my 3 books I was contracted for (yay).

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Don't forget, if you like (or don't) a book---

Take care for now! 
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  1. Carolyn, lovely tribute and I enjoyed learning more about you.


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