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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I Love Books and Readers! 10th Anniversary Shindig #western #books #readersevent

Right up there at the top of my Grateful List is... READERS!  So I'm having a doin's to show my appreciation to all those who've bought and read my books.  And it's gonna be a fun one.

2016 is my tenth anniversary!  I can't believe my first book (now out of print) was published ten years ago this month.  Over the years, I've met some wonderful people--loyal readers who've been with me throughout my journey.  Truth is, we all traveled the road together.  Then there are the new readers who've joined the fun, and brought their friends along.  I ♥ you all.

So what do you do for your tenth anniversary?  Party!

Please join me and my friends at

Much Ado About Silver City
June 17 – 19, 2016
Silver City, Idaho

We're gonna have a down home knee-slapping good time with lawmen, robbers, madams, and all manner of characters.  You want cowboys?  We have the real deal.

Music?  We have the Paxton family.  Their playlist includes everything from Beatles music to Little Brown Jug.

You want authenticity?  The Idaho Hotel is a genuine for real western boom town hotel, and it's as authentic as you'll ever find.

You want books?  We'll have several other authors there, and a book signing on Saturday.
Special guest: Ann Charles!

Rooms: Book your room as soon as possible, because if they’re all booked, we get the run of the entire hotel! If no one answers the phone, call again. The owners do all the work themselves so they miss calls sometimes. 208-583-4104 Winter months (now): 208-863-4768.

Meals: You can bring your own food (campers might opt to do this) or the Idaho Hotel has a full service restaurant. If you have special dietary needs, please inform the owners at least two weeks ahead of time (but if you make a request, please order it during your stay). There is no corner grocery store, so if you don’t let them know, it won’t be available.

Camping: Chelle Gluch will coordinate the campers, so if you need help, let her know by Facebook message.

There will be time Saturday morning for trail rides and historical tours.

Trail rides: Book through Paul Nettleton.

Historic tours: Chelle Gluch will guide a tour of the surrounding area for a nominal fee. There may be other tour guides as well. Go to the Facebook event page for updates.

Shopping: Yes, there’s shopping! You can find oodles of great items (including the Hearts of Owyhee series) in Pat’s What Not shop.

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  1. Jacquie, I'm broken-hearted that I can't be there. Anything you host is bound to be fun! I wish you the very best and that by your next anniverary, all your dream will have come true.

    1. I'd absolutely love for my favorite author to be there! Boohoo. But I certainly understand. And thanks.

  2. Sounds like fun. Congratulations on your tenth anniversary!

  3. What a fun thing to do. So sorry I can't attend. Congratulations and have a great time.


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