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Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Shambles!

Is it the 6th again already? Happy December. 

Ah let’s see… what has been going on? Well, my book was released (yay)… and then the cover was mocked on a snarky blog I follow… sooooo that happened.
What can ya do?

Last month I finished writing a slightly short erotic novel for a friend’s publishing company. Keep your fingers crossed. It took me a wee bit out of my element.

Last month was also NaNoWiMo… and did I meet my goal? NO! Why? Because I now eight people in my house instead of four and I’m realizing with school age children there are a lot more responsibilities and obligations.

What do I have? I have 5 boys all school at various ages.

Two are in 5th grade (ages 10 and 11), two are in 7th grade (ages 13 and 12) but at 2 different schools and then one is 15 and in 9th grade at the high school. Then there’s my 19 year old daughter and of course my husband.
If I’m not cooking dinner, I am cleaning something. Baking, studying and quizzing, oh my! I missed two deadlines trying to help one kiddo by reading his books along side of him and then quizzing him. We’re realizing the problem lies deeper than reading comprehension. What’s that saying…

All this family drama makes me understand why/how these family saga books are so successful.

 Reading? Writing?
I hope once again to have more to report next year!

In the meantime


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