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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Did You Survive the Big Day? by Vonnie Davis

Shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, making travel plans, coordinating plans to accommodate everyone, mailing cards, shipping gifts...phew! Is it any wonder we all feel like this?

Calvin and I stayed home this year. We had a very low-key Christmas. Calvin fell at the movies and is still sore. We'd gone to see "The Letters," a movie on the life of Mother Theresa. It was very moving. Afterward, we both hoofing it to the restrooms and he blacked out for a minute. I nearly died when I saw him on the floor. I'm pampering him as I muddle through edits. He's been taken off one of his blood pressure medicines. Evidently, something in his system changed and suddenly the two blood pressure pills he's taken for years are just too much.
Even so, the excitement in our family continues--life doesn't stop because you feel bad, does it? Since Thanksgiving, our oldest granddaughter got engaged to a young man she's been dating for three years. Wedding plans are for June, the month after she graduates from college. Even with all her excitement and shopping for the "perfect" gown, she still got all A's in her double major of Psychology and Criminal Justice.
Our grandson was accepted into MIT, no small feat since they only accept eight out of every hundred applicants. Ryan's had his heart set on MIT since he was in middle school, so we were greatly relieved when the good word arrived. He got perfect scores in both science and math in his ACT's. Four hours of his school day are spent in the lab of the Cancer Institute, splitting cancer cells and working with DNA. He's wrestling again this year and is undefeated. He also tutors six students in math and physics. He'll tell you his favorite book is one Calvin and I sent him, The Universe and Dr. Einstein. He's read it four times.
Speaking of books, I'm finishing up edits on HER SURVIVOR, book one of my Black Eagle Ops series for Random House Loveswept. No cover to show you yet. A group of authors and I have combined 5 romance novels into a bundle for 99 cents. It's available for pre-order now, but will release February 1st. All proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.


As you rest up from Christmas, grab a good book to read, a cup of hot chocolate to sip and rest. My best to you all. Hugs!


  1. I'm grabbing the preorder for your wounded warrior bundle. I enjoy your posts and your books! Happy New Year. Hope Calvin is feeling better.

  2. He feels a little better every day. Mornings are still rough though. Thanks.

  3. Hugs to Calvin! Those tricky bp meds can really do a job on a person. Glad the doc got his worked out and it's nothing wrong with him.

    What a great holiday full of good news you've had. Thrilled for you!!

    I'll be sure to grab a copy to help WW. Awesome thing to do. I should add RF to a bundle like this once I have rights back. Wonderful cause!

    Have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year, Mama V.


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