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Friday, July 10, 2015

Books and Playlists

While you read, do you listen to music? 
I listen to music while I write. I create playlists and radio stations for each novel. I jot down the major songs that really stick with me.
For those readers who enjoy it, I try to share those playlists soon after the book is released. Just another fun way for readers to connect to the characters. By no means is this a way of endorsing a particular music artist or album, but just trying to add to the experience of the story and characters.
As a reader, do you appreciate when authors share their playlists?
A quick search on YouTube for popular book series reveals there are literally hundreds of custom playlists created by readers and fans. Crossfire Series for Sylvia Day, the Twilight series for Stephanie Meyer, and The Iron Fey series from Julie Kagawa all have fan-inspired playlists.
I’ve always enjoyed it when the authors I love create one for their novels. I feel like I connect to their tone/theme better.

It's a lot of work, but so worth it to me.

For Prince of Solana, there were several songs that really struck a chord with me while I wrote.
I incorporated those into my own personal playlist. Feel free to listen and enjoy!

Chapter 1 –  On The Long Way Down by Robert Delong
Chapter 2 – Vide Cor Meum by Patrick Cassidy
Chapter 3 – RedHands by REVO (Walk Off the Earth)
Chapter 4 – Who You Love by Katy Perry & John Mayer
Chapter 6 – Howl by Florence & The Machine
Chapter 7 – My Fault by Imagine Dragons
Chapter 8 – Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
Chapter 13 – I’m Sending You Away (Oblivion Soundtrack)
Chapter 16 – One Last Night by Vaults
Chapter 19 –Undimmed by Time, Unbound by Death (Oblivion Soundtrack)
Chapter 20 –Demons by Imagine Dragons
Chapter 21 –Insatiable by Darren Hayes
Chapter 22 –When A Heart Breaks by Ben Rector
Chapter 24 – Fearful Odds (Oblivion Soundtrack)
Chapter 25 –New Mexico by Edward Shearmur
Chapter 26 –Iridescent by Linkin Park
Chapter 27 –Raven Rock (Oblivion Soundtrack)
Chapter 28 – Cut by Plumb
Chapter 30 – Sail by AwolNation
Chapter 31 –Secret by Ocean Lab
Chapter 32 –Waking Up (Oblivion Soundtrack)
Chapter 33 – You Can’t Save Her (Oblivion Soundtrack)
Chapter 34 –Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell
Chapter 35 – Warriors by Imagine Dragons
Chapter 37 –Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Chapter 38 – Kissing by Bliss


  1. I listen to classical music while I write--mostly to the local classical radio station. On the rare occasions when they play something I don't enjoy, I listen to a CD. I agree that music adds to our writing. I also enjoy music when I'm reading, but usually just have quiet.

  2. Thanks for sharing your playlist. I have eclectic taste in music, and I also create playlists for every book I write. Once I had a page on my blog where all the "soundtracks" were listed, but it became rather unwieldy so I eventually unpublished the page. I do publish the playlist for each new book in a blog post. Will probably post it to my Facebook author page this time.

    When I write, I find music with lyrics distracts me for the most part so I listen to classical or popular music in French or Italian since I'm not fluent in either of those. A favorite is Les Nubians with their Afro-European sound.

    The exception to this is certain scenes where a particular song resonates with the emotion of the scene.


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