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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Welcome to my world

Hi and thanks for stopping by. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Carolyn Hector. I am a wife and mother of two and currently I am anticipating the arrival of four wonderful nephews to come live with me. Should my almost 19 year old daughter decide to move out (as do most young adults)… I will be the only woman in the house of males.. wish me luck!

Growing family aside, I am also a daydreamer, writer, and a what-if-er. I love to tell folks that I was born under a shroud of mystery and because of the redacted birth certificate and adoption paperwork, I had no choice but to grow up with a creative mind. 

Daydream much? My Special Tasks Bureau series stemmed from an article I read loooooooong ago about the void of women in the Special Forces. Of course instead of taking offense to the article, I merely assumed these women did not “exist” in the public eye because they—like most hard working women/mothers—don’t do their jobs for the glory but because the job needs to get done.

This of course got my creative juices going. What if my birth father was in the Secret Forces and had to leave my mother before she could tell him she was pregnant. Better yet! What if they were BOTH in the Secret Forces and had to leave me behind to serve their country. I thought of my birth mom as some kick-ass military woman.

I love the camaraderie of military men... but what about these women in their special unit groups?  

Enter—the ladies of The Special Tasks Bureau. These series is about different aspects of kick-ass military women balancing their lives--and men--all while trying to save the world.

Dating, and certainly not marriage, were not on Agent Harley Tomasello’s “to do” list. Thanks to combination of too much tequila and too many dares at a pub on National Decide to Get Married Day, she ends up hitched to the hottest man she’s ever met. The next day she wakes with a headache and the knowledge the marriage was definitely consummated—more than once. Working undercover, Dante Rossi had one goal—finding Harley Tomasello. The attractive agent held the key to closing a case he’d been chasing for years. But instead of getting her phone number, he got her hand in marriage. Now they’re chasing crime lords and killers, battling their passion for each other along the way. Suddenly ‘Until death do you part’ has taken on a whole new meaning...

Feel free to join me in my adventure publishing via twitter @Carolyn32303 or


  1. What a great series concept, Carolyn! And so happy to have you as a Smart Girls Read Romance member. Welcome!

    1. Oh wow! Thanks, I'm going to check that out right now.

  2. Carolyn, Your series sounds interesting. This URL just came across a loop I'm on. You may find it interesting or possibly a story idea from it. Welcome to Smart Girls Read Romance!!

  3. What an interesting story idea! I look forward to reading your stories! Just added a new author to my list!


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