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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


By Caroline Clemmons

Yes, a sale! And the e-book on sale is one of my most popular.

Years ago, I remembered a short anecdote my sweet grandmother told me about a girl from her small Tennessee village. The girl quit school because of bullying from many students. No, bullying is not new. Anyway, that short tale formed the kernel of Pearl Parker's character in THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE, my first Kincaid novel.

Pearl is one of my favorite characters and one of my strongest heroines. She has overcome terrible events in her life and is fighting others when she meets Drake Kincaid. His parents' will specified that if her wasn't married by his thirtieth birthday, the ranch he has worked years for would go to his mother's worthless brother. His anger at the stipulation causes him to vow to find the most unsuitable wife he can, hence the title.

Texan Drake and his cousin Lex are on a trip east to buy horses. On the way, they stop in Tennessee to pay their regards to their grandfather's friend, who is sheriff of the tiny village near which Pearl lives. I'll bet you can figure out what happens, right? But there are so many events and obstacles before Pearl and Drake find their happily-ever-after.

On sale for 99 cents for an e-download
This is my all-time favorite book  cover

NOW TO THE SALE:  Coming out in today's issue of BookBub is the fact that THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE is on sale for 99 cents. This book that took months of sweat, planning, and diligence is on sale for the paltry sum of less than a dollar..

Don't be confused by the beautiful cover Kim Killion designed. This is the third cover this book has had. You may have read the book when it had one of the ugly covers. I love this design and have no intention of ever changing the cover again.

If you or your friends haven't yet read THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE, now is the time to grab your e-copy and start reading. To help you find this bargain, here are the buy links:

Amazon                      Kobo                      Nook                      Smashwords


  1. I think every author is having summer sales--I know I am. *LOL* Good luck with your sale. Yes, I read the book when it had an "ugly" cover. The new one really is lovely. Good choice.

  2. Yes, I love the new cover, but what's inside it is even better!

  3. Bought it before I read this...would have bought it anyway. Doris

  4. I read it when it had an "ugly" cover and loved it! No matter what it looks like on the outside it's what is on the inside that makes it a star! Good luck on the sale!


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