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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Kathy Shaw
          I have a decision to make and would like your help. Or maybe I just need a sounding board. So, whether you’re a reader or a writer, all comments would be greatly appreciated.
          In the past, New York Publishing Houses would tell you to write the book of your heart and they would buy it. I did and they published it. We were both happy campers.
          And then my eyes were opened to the lucrative world of Indie-publishing. Needless to say, I jumped in with both feet. Career-wise that was the best decision I’ve ever made.
          Now here comes the big decision I spoke of earlier.
          I’m not being told I need to write the book of my heart to be published. Now I can write and publish anything I want.
          Currently, I want to write the second book of my Darla Bodecker mystery series. The first was BLONDIE AND THE HIT MAN and featured Darla as a sassy, sexy, smart private eye. Darla, the character, is relentless. She talks to me in the shower. She talks to me while I’m driving. She even talks to me when I’m writing something other than her story. Like now.
Hush, Darla. I’m busy!
          Unfortunately, no one told me that mysteries, in general, don’t sell as well as romances. Mysteries sell—just not in the volume of romances.
          Don’t get me wrong, I love to write romances too. I just don’t currently have a romance story burning to be told.
Again, shut up, Darla. I know you already have a story.
          To complicate the situation, I’m one of those ill-fated authors that can’t turn off the inner editor, which translates into being a very slow writer.
          So I guess this all boils down to: Do I write Darla’s second story, get her off my back but only make about half the money I would for the same time spent? Or do I learn to ignore Darla’s bellyaching and write a book that will put twice as much money in the bank?

          What would you do?


  1. I would write Darla's story. She will keep hounding you until you do her justice! Then you can write a "moneymaker". BTW I am a reader.

    1. Thanks, Karren, for your input. Darla is doing the happy dance--LOUDLY!!

  2. I would write the story that is coming to you. I did that with a paranormal series which the first one didn't do much; the second one didn't and neither did the third. :) I just had the story and if I hadn't done it, it'd have nagged at me. I think what doesn't do well today might be more popular tomorrow and it's the plus of being an indie writer. We can make our own choices and it doesn't have to be all about dollars.

    1. Thanks, Rain. You have some valid points. I like your positive thoughts concerning today's vs. tomorrow's market.

      Sounds like Darla might her way on this one.


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