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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cowboy in the Making by Paty Jager

Austin on Jammer
My grandson Austin(a cowboy name isn't it) is eight. He has a ready smile, big blue eyes, and a loving attitude. Until you rile him. Then he can get spittin' mad.

He wanted to go horse back riding. He picked out the tallest, longest-legged mare we have. She's always proved a gentle soul and the two of them bonded. He can't reach all the way up on her back to give her a good brushing but he can sure croon to her. "That's my baby." "You're a good girl."

Most kids are scared to sit way up in the air on Jammer's back. Not Austin. With some help he climbed up on Jammer and was grinning like he'd been handed a bouquet of lollipops.

I taught him how to stop her, turn her, and all around make her mind. Of the three grandchildren riding that day, Austin was the only one who wasn't intimidated by the horse. He pulled her around and made her mind without a squeal or a complaint. Being a long-legged Tennessee Walker Jammer and Austin were always way ahead of the rest of us I'd holler, "Turn her in a circle," and they make two or three wide circles until we caught up.

After the ride, Austin insisted on unsaddling and taking her hackamore off. He managed to unfasten the cinch but I had to pull the saddle down, but he took it from me and waddled to the tack room with it. Just like any good cowboy he took care of his horse and again crooned what a good baby she was.

As we walked back from the pasture after letting the horses loose, he said, "Jammer and me get along good. She's my baby and I love her."  Then he grinned, whooped, and headed for the bike.

I couldn't be prouder of the way he treated the horse, enjoyed the ride, and took pride in the job he did. He has all the qualities I like to put into a cowboy/hero in my books.
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  1. Lovely story! You have a ready made cowboy hero to write about. Enjoyed your post!

  2. Sounds like Austin takes after his grandmother. Also sounds like a good kid.

  3. great photo and sounds like a good ride for him and you :)

  4. I've taught a lot of kids to ride, and there's nothing like watching them fall in love with a horse.

    1. D'Ann, so true! The hard part is all three are now in love with Jammer!


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