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Monday, January 20, 2014

What's It All About

By Geri Foster

We write because we're writers and we have stories to tell. By putting those crazy voices in our head down, we hope me might escape insanity. We're lovers of words, senses, and imaginations. The comfort of a well written book brings us alive and stirs our desire to do it all over again.

Long before we became masters of writing, we were readers. Women and men who stuck their noses in a book and kept it there until the end. Then closed the book with a well satisfied sigh. Within minutes, we were looking for the next novel to gobble up. Books took us on imaginary flights to all sorts of magical places we'd never go on our own. Oh, no, far too dangerous. There is safety in reading a book about high adventures as opposed to one buying a ticket to some far off land and explore alone.

A book is much like a travel agency, accept it's considerably cheaper. You open a book and you go places far and near. Meet new people, and visit exciting town as well as other worlds. Ones you never considered. And the author takes you there with such ease and comfort, you're not exactly sure how it all happened. You're there all comfrey in your chair, you open a book, and walla! Everything in your mind changes.

Your experience as a reader depends on the writer, and as a writer it's important we make the ride as comfortable as possible.

Happy Ending!

Geri Foster


  1. You brought back memories of reading under the covers by flashlight! How I enjoyed those adventures after a dutiful night of homework :-)

  2. Well said, Geri. Like most writers, I regret that I don't have more time to read!

  3. Geri, you certainly take readers on wonderful adventures to places I only want to visit in books. And you make me feel as if I'm actually seeing those places. Keep those great books coming!

  4. Thank you Joan! We're all readers first!

  5. Caroline, you're such a good supporter of writers. I appreciate your comments

  6. Amen to that, Gerri. I am an armchair adventurer for sure. Great post.


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