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Friday, August 5, 2022

Clyde the Camel attends the Jacquie Rogers readers' event!


 Much Ado About Hearts of Owyhee
with guest star Clyde the Camel

Life is always changing and our family has had a lot of big changes in the last few years, that's for sure.  But one thing that has been a constant for the last six years is my readers' event, Much Ado About Silver City.  Well, this year even that changed.  We moved the event from Silver City to my home town, Homedale, Idaho.  I was skeptical but to be honest, I just couldn't fathom getting people to Silver City with all the competing events--farmers markets, rodeos, craft shows, county fairs, and the like.

So...when you bash into a 50-ton boulder, turn left.  Yep, that's what I did.    I called around and finally landed the venue, the Homedale Senior Center.  It's a really nice facility complete with a kitchen and a stage.  Holy moly!  So onward and forward we go. 😃

A view of the stage end of the room.  We were able to perform
on an actual stage and it was heavenly!  I'm in the top center, and 
Diane Garland is left of me.  Mercedes Christesen is on the far left (in purple).

Three other authors came and signed books.

Paty Jager had a really nice display, as usual.

Authors Mary Vine and Robyn Page

We had wonderful music from the olden days courtesy of Matt Paxton, and in this photo, Andy Martin joined in, too.

Matt Paxton on the left, Andy Martin on the right.

Of course, you can't have a party without a camel!

From the left: Kim Garland, Clyde the Camel, Sassy the Donkey, and moi.

You don't often see a camel in Homedale, Idaho.  He was a such an oddity that there was a traffic jam on Main Street--a four-car backup.  They're still talking about it.

And of course we had the World's Worst Melodrama.  This year, it was an Old West version of Romeo and Juliet, renamed Raphael and Julianne.  The script, while stealing directly from Wild Bill Shakespeare, had terrible jokes and only rhymed when convenient.  The actors kept losing their places, and the director seemed to have an issue with focus since she was greeting newcomers and in general admiring her fine script.  We all know Wild Bill was spinning in his grave.

Left to right:
Tresa Hiatt, Andy Martin, Saki Herod, Diane Garland, Kim Garland

We had a really good time and I never could've pulled this off without Diane Garland, who set up the room; Kim Garland, head cheerleader and pack mule; Mercedes Christesen, charity auction volunteer; Tresa Hiatt, dressmaker; and Mr R, Friar Lawrence and pack mule.  Thank you!

Back: Kim Garland
Front: Jacquie Rogers, Diane Garland

Diane and Kim came all the way from Ohio, which was quite an honor considering it was their 34th wedding anniversary.  
Congratulations, Diane and Kim!

We'll do it all again next year, the 3rd weekend in July, July 15, 2023.  Mark it on your calendar and see you then.
Until next month, Happy Reading!

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  1. What a great event! I am pretty much an introvert but that looked fun for even me!


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