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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Talk Wordy To Me by Laura Hunsaker

I'm in a book group on Facebook where it's "everything books." All genres, all questions, all formats, and especially photos of book hauls. Every now and then someone complains about people buying books and how they should use the library. It usually winds up with lots of wild popcorn-worthy comments. 

One thing that got me thinking though, is that I do go to the library. Often. I take my younger kiddos, and my eldest takes herself. We utilize the crafts they do, the classes they offer, the story time, the challenges, the read-alongs...literally anything the library offers, we are there for. Recently my youngest checked out a pre-loaded kindle. It was pretty amazing.

I've also noticed (about myself) that certain books, I prefer to own. Certain books I like to borrow. Often we borrow a book at the library and like it so much, we purchase it. So I like to think that as much as I support my local library, they also support us. We read so much in my house.  I couldn't afford my book habit if it weren't for the library. 

My library even has a few of my books listed in the local author section, which I find so incredibly cool. I've had book signings, given talks, and even met some amazing authors through my library.

So what about you? I realize not all places have the kind of access I do to an amazing and supportive library system, but if you do, do you utilize it? What's your library like? Are you far from one? Do you prefer to own the book, or are you like me, where you'r sort of a mixed bag? 

At least it's not drugs, right? 
-me about my book habit.

Here I am at the last book signing my library with some copies of my paperbacks. My library is pretty awesome!

She needs rest, he needs relaxation…

Jenny Travers wants a fresh start. Leaving the nightmares of her past behind her, she heads to Last Chance Beach. Renting the Sea Glass Cottage sounds peaceful and relaxing, which is exactly what she needs.

What she doesn’t need is a man.

Lieutenant Commander Scott Gordon was injured by an IED on his last mission, and while his leg has healed, it’ll never be strong enough to stay on his SEAL team. Renting the Sea Glass Cottage sounds like the perfect place to figure out how he’s going to handle his new normal.

He never expected to find a woman in his bed.

A mix-up at the rental agency means Jenny and Scott are both renting the small cottage. Sharing a space with a stranger should be hard, yet they both feel more at peace than they have in months.

Will their summer romance last, or is the magic of Sea Glass Cottage all they’ll have…

*This short story was previously published in the Last Chance Beach: Summer's End box set. It has an updated cover, some new content, and is available at all ebook retailers instead of just through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited.


  1. What a great post this is. I worked at our local library for a few years, long enough to appreciate patrons like your family. There are sooo many programs available to soooo many people! I don't even have a card these days, but I'm thinking about it...really hard.

    1. You need to get one! Ours partnered with our new hockey teams and I have a Golden Knights library card! :)

  2. At any given point, my family growing up had cards for 4 different libraries. I have 3 library cards currently, one of which is the same exact library card I did when I was 10. These days, I like checking out audio books and ebooks through the Libby app. And it's been awhile, but I love being in libraries and would often go there just to write.


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