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Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Story of Music at the Grand Ole Opry by @JacquieRogers #western


 Music is a Story

Yep, I have a new release.  Relatively new, at least.  And while the other stories aren't Christmassy, mine is.  And it's mostly true, too.  It's the story of how my folks met, only I set it 70 years earlier.  Instead of a brand new 1949 Chevy, I used a nice new buggy.  Works the same.  Most of the same buildings were in Marsing (Henderson Flats) and Claytonia, as then.  Now, too, for that matter.  It's fun to visit those places and remember my parents' stories.

Andrew McBride, author of Coyote's People, reviewed: "Of my most favourite stories in the anthology, one is HOLLIE JOLLY COURTSHIP by JACQUIE ROGERS, a warm, funny, beautifully-written western romance about an Idaho farmer’s quest for a bride."  Anyway, this is probably the shortest story I've even written but it's a fun one and I hope you enjoy.  To take a look, click here.

Mr. R and I have been traveling and one of my lifelong dreams was to see the Grand Old Opry.  We didn't get to Ryman's, but we did have the opportunity to tour the current GOO.

Mr. R and me in front of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

Honey visited, too.

Honey Beaulieu at the Grand Old Opry

And then we went to Madame Tussauds Nashville Wax Museum.

I'm hanging out with Muddy Waters and Mr R
The Beatles and Rolling Stones were huge fans of Muddy Waters.

Minnie Pearl was a mainstay of the Opry and Honey and I were huge fans.

If you loved Minnie Pearl, too, let me know your favorite bit of hers in the comments below!

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
Just wow--lots of talent right there

Jerry Garcia really is Grateful Dead now.
He led the pack and many artists emulated him then and now.

Jimi Hendrix, fabulous talent, and early influencer of rock.
The members of Queen admired him a lot.

Little Jimmy Dickens--only 4'11" but a hugely talented musician and comedian.
He was my favorite when I was a kid.

The talented Vonn McKee has an album coming out sometime in early 2022.
Be watching for it!

And then we rolled off into the sunset, to visit another talented soul, Caroline Clemmons.  Maybe she'll sing to us.

Until next month, Happy Reading!

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