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Wednesday, November 24, 2021


by Judy Ann Davis

November 24th, is “Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.” This is the day to celebrate what makes you special. Do you love to paint, dance, draw, play the piano, sew, construct model cars, cook, garden, or do something that makes you happy? This is the day to show off and embrace your unique talents.

We all have favorite things we love doing. They may be simple tasks or hobbies that let us set aside our worries and just enjoy the present moment. Our unique talents also allow us to free ourselves from negative internal dialogue and disquieting thoughts.

For me, my woodworking shop is my get-away-from-it-all place. With the scent of pine wood around me, I can sketch a design for a birdhouse, or fashion and paint wooden snowmen or angels or rocks from my flowerbed. I also like to sew. Both these talents put me in a creative zone where I can shut out the world.

Now it’s your turn. What is your unique talent which you enjoy, which makes you happy, or which helps you to escape the humdrum of life?

And...before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

 Releasing on December 7th

A Maple Cookie Homecoming


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When Julien Franklin returns home for Christmas after retiring from the military, his first mission is to taste his home town's maple cookies and find office space for his civilian website business. He's delighted to find the apartment above The Book Bin bookstore is for rent and owned by his old high school sweetheart.

Natalie Pinkett, widow and single parent, has some tragic secrets gnawing at her soul, but she needs to rent the empty rooms to help with her many expenses. To complicate matters, an old love will be literally working above her head—and he owns a rambunctious puppy her daughter has fallen in love with.

Can Julien woo the pretty bookstore owner and get her to reveal her painful past? Will the two be able to cross the divide of twenty-four years and find love again


  1. I sew. Not that I'm talented at it--I just like it. :-)

    1. But it's such a neat way to forget the world around you while you create something. I used to love to sew. I've promised myself I'm going to get back to it, if even to sew place mats or fabric coasters. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I sew, work on genealogy, watch a movie, and a lot of simple things. I remember when you showed photos of your birdhouses. You are talented. I also love your books! Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're settled in and have those fingers pounding the keys with some of those wonderful stories flying out. :)

  3. I like working on- and offstage in community theater (just now opening up). I just saw your blog through a retweet, and I look forward to reading your book!

  4. I bake much to the delight of my family. Once I painted, crafted, and sewed. Even took a pattern drafting class years ago. I move my sewing machine and assorted accessories, patterns, and supplies, etc. each time I move, but it's been years since I made the time to sit down and sew. I threaten to do it constantly because clothes in today's world seem cheaply made at expensive prices. But I can never drag myself away from writing.


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