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Saturday, May 22, 2021


 by Rain Trueax

Due to drought, not many wildflowers this year; but there are some cactus blooms
 When this is published, we'll be on the road heading north with a new-to-us vacation trailer. While we likely will have internet some places, it's always dicey and then we get to the farm-- there will not be much of any. The trip to the farm is about getting winter hay, fertilizing fields, fixing fences, etc. etc. The farmhouse will have occupants; hence we will be living in the trailer, which means no cable TV (not that I care), no cell phone (I care a lot), and dicey on any internet connections while we are in one of those places without coverage. 

The trailer is now set up with desks for both of us to write-- but the connection to the larger world is dicey at best.This will be the first time staying in a vacation trailer for that long...


This means I won't be able to do this blog for the summer and early fall. If someone takes over the 22nd, I'll totally understand. Otherwise, I'll probably pick it back up in October or November. Life is full of changes and mine is about to have a lot of them as in living in a vacation trailer with three unhappy cats while Ranch Boss is off taking care of what ranch bosses do as he helps our son with that work. I'm trying to feel positive about it and not depressed but that's not easy.

Someday we might get what was my parents' mobile home upgraded enough to stay there when we come north for the ranch work. *fingers crossed* It's now been unoccupied for a lot of years. Alas, for now, a very different life awaits me even though it's on property we have owned since 1977. I should add our son would've moved out of the house. We didn't want that as our goal is for him to take over the land and home :) Transitions.


  1. Best of luck with your journey. You are a brave, daring woman. I can go without television, but not without internet and cellphone service. I hope you get a ton of writing done! Happy summer.

  2. Transitions are hard! We downsized seven years ago and still haven't recovered. I do envy you your dual homes, though. I hope adapting to the situation proves to be easier than you believe. Best wishes, Rain.

  3. Thanks for the best wishes. I think my biggest loss will be internet as I've had it for so many years, but more important things are at stake. I am bringing my paints and maybe will get back into that in what will become the cat yard. (expensive project for enough wire and then the work but we don't want them able to run to who knows where.

  4. I guess you can write about your experiences like "I survived a summer with three cats and no internet: one woman's tale of hardship" ;) to be honest, Travel and rustic living sounds awfully enticing for this corporate America working girl most days. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Good Luck!

  5. Thank you, Sherri and I hope to have some chances to get online. I set up my own blog, Rainy Day Thought, with old blogs from as far back as 2005 for each Saturday, to keep it active. Sometimes they are on books I've been reading but not romances as much as non-fiction. I might get a chance to post some short ones there on Wednesdays but it's so dicey with no cell coverage outside at the farm. If I am back here in October or whenever I again have internet, I'll definitely write about how it went. Just glad the cats don't know what's coming :).

  6. Good luck with this transition. I know so many people who have family farms and ranches and no heir who wants to take it over. I see ranches going up for sale every few months as I drive through Texas with so many of them being broken up into housing developments. I always feel a little sad when I see this happening, but times have changed.

  7. I agree, Joan and taxes can force families to sell rather than let an offspring take them over.


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