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Thursday, May 20, 2021



Sunday, May 20, 2018

Competing For A Cowboy -- Sibling Rivalry

Laurean Brooks

Hello out there, fans of Smart Girls Read Romance blog. I've given considerable thought to what to post this month and finally settled on a topic.  Because it's May, and my favorite TV cowboy will celebrate his birthday on May 30th,  I decided to devote this blog post to him.

Since heart-throb Clint Walker, better known as Cheyenne, arrived on the screen in 1963, my heart has never been quite the same. My sister Jewell and I fought over this handsome, lanky, and muscular cowboy. Every fall, Jewell and I watched for the premieres of new TV Westerns. We would watch the first shows then decide who got to claim which cowboy. We divvied them up equally. This method worked out well with Bonanza, The Virginian, and the other Westerns.

Until . . .Cheyenne Bodie trotted in on a stallion, flashing his crooked grin right at me (Jewell insists he was grinning at her). Alas, our carefully made-up rules flew out the window. One look at this cowboy brought out the competitive spirit in two normally agreeable sisters. Neither of us gave in. When I yelled, “He's mine, I saw him first!” she would yell back, “No, I saw him first!” (Not.)

After weeks of debate that did nothing to settle the matter, we knew the only option was to share Cheyenne. At night, after everyone was in bed, we lay awake in our twin beds and took turns imagining scenarios then relating them, about life in the mid-1800s and our respective courtship with Cheyenne Bodie. Usually, we incorporated silly scenes that sent us both into hysterics.

The trouble was, Mama was a light sleeper. If her bedroom had been anywhere but across the hall, our giggles wouldn't have awakened her. But, with our luck, that's exactly what happened.

She'd yell from her bed, “If you girls don't quieten down and go to sleep, I'm coming in there. And you are NOT going to like it!”

I hate to admit this, but a couple of times she did march across the hall. When she stood over us, between our beds,  pointing her finger at us, we pretended to be fast asleep. It saved us, but my heart beat so loud I was sure she heard it. After, “Okay, this is your last warning!” she swept out of our room and back to hers. Out of sheer terror, we shut our mouths and willed ourselves to fall asleep.

Clint Walker will turn ninety this month. I can't believe how fast the time has flown. I still have the glossy picture of him (from his fan club) in a billfold I carried through junior high. It's even autographed, “Best Wishes.” And for what it's worth, Jewell does NOT have his picture.

Eat your heart out, Sis.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, please leave a comment and tell us who your favorite heart-throb was. Some of us were born decades later, so we will have varying ideas on which guys made the list. Still, 'm sure our blog readers would love to compare our crushes with theirs.


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  1. What a great post, Laurean! You brought back so many memories. I started as a fan of Roy Rogers. I was about five at the time. I planned to marry him when I was grown and we would ride the range rounding up rustlers and robbers. Somehow in my child's imagination, Roy wouldn't age as I grew older. I was crushed years later when I learned he'd married Dale Evans. When I saw Clint Walker, I fell headlong into a crush. He is still my idea of a cowboy. Hard to believe he's ninety, when in my still odd imagination, I haven't aged much. LOL

    1. Caroline, it sounds as if we were "competing" for the same cowboys. At age 5, I pretended Roy Rogers was my Daddy. When I became a teen Clint Walker burst on the scene. You couldn't find a more handsome cowboy than Cheyenne Bodie. Sad and a little eerie, Clint passed away while I had this blog up in in 2018.

  2. Such great memories! My dad loved westerns and if I watched TV- that was what I watched so I guess mine when I was pre-teen had to be Little Joe- ;)

  3. Sherri, Little Joe was the heart throb for a lot of young ladies in the day. I thought he was cute, too. And let's not forget Jess Harper on Laramie, or Trampas and the Virginian. Thank you for stopping by to comment.

  4. I remember the Cheyenne show on TV. My dad only watched westerns so I knew all of those shows. What I remember of him was that he was a body builder way before Arnold came on the scene with Pumping Iron. I suspect he was also a health food practitioner before that was in vogue. Perhaps that's why he's had such a long life.


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