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Friday, November 6, 2020

Another love story~Sherri Easley

On or near Wedding day

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Fall!

I hope you are getting a chance to get out and about (while social distancing) and are taking care of yourself and loved ones.

I have been trying to stay busy while isolating, working from home, making crafts, and watching a little TV.

Since this week has been a bit of a brain drain, I thought I would tell you a sweet story, passed on to me by my Mom. Her birthday was November 4- so this is in her memory.

One day, as I was looking though some papers several years back, I came across my parent’s marriage license. One of the bottom corners was missing and it looked like it had been burned. My thought was that it had been in one of the many courthouse fires we all hear about. Mom just happened to be at my house, so I asked. I wish I had gotten more details, but the story is sweet.

First, I have a disclaimer on the total accuracy of this tale, as I wasn’t there, and it has been years since it was told to me

My Parents were married on June 23, 1940.  My dad was 24 and mom was just 15 which was not unusual for the time. Mom was the oldest of nine children in the midst of the Great Depression.

Somewhere along the way, they had decided to get married and my Dad, got the marriage license and went to pick up my Mom out in the country where she lived. They were going to drive to another small community and have a Justice of the Peace perform the ceremony.

As they were driving, my Mom suddenly got cold feet and wasn’t sure she wanted to get married. Dad pulled over at a country school (Sugar Hill) so they could talk it through. Mom got out and sat on the merry-go-round while she made this monumental decision, and Dad pushed her as she contemplated.

Finally, Dad got tired and pulled out the marriage license and said if we aren’t going to get married, we don’t need this license. He set fire to it and Mom immediately jumped off and put the fire out and the rest is history.

Mom and Dad raised five children and were married until my Dad passed in 1998.  

If you still have your parents and Grandparents, I urge you to have them tell their stories. If you are the Parent or Grandparent, document your story. You may think it is boring or mundane, but your descendants will cherish it, like I do this one.  


  1. beautiful story. I know my parents' story but wish I knew my grandparents' also. We all need to ask more questions when we still have the generations that came before us.

    1. Thank you! I wish I knew more stories too- I was the last of those 5 kids so I don't remember my grandparents hardly at all and never had a relationship with them- but we still have time to document our own stories.

  2. I love this story. I know the story of how my mom and dad met and it's sweet also. I'm going to write it down so our daughters will have it. These family stories are so important and get lost easily.

    1. I know Caroline- I was the only one she told the story to and it was just coincidence and timing that I learned that story.

  3. What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing.


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