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Monday, November 2, 2020


 By Caroline Clemmons

Who here still has Halloween candy? Hero bought enough for a horde of trick-or-treaters but only about a dozen came to our house. Hero and I were disappointed. We love seeing the kids in their costumes, especially the small ones. Hopefully, families were doing some celebrating with games and/or movies at home. Oh my, what will happen to all our leftover candy?

I'm so glad Fall has arrived. If you're suffering under inches of snow or the hurricane's destruction, I do apologize for enjoying our weather. Today is so perfect that even a confirmed indoorsy person like me can enjoy being outdoors. Not that I'll actually be outside much because I have a book to finish.

Plus, my mind has been going everywhere without me the past week. As my grandmother used to say, "Haste makes waste." I've been hurrying too much on some things and not enough on others. Is there such a thing as Fall fever? If there is, that's my excuse.

I’m completing the second of two new Christmas stories. The first, I may have mentioned a dozen or so times. I hope not that many, but I do love this anthology.

HOLIDAY HEARTS, is my novella in CHRISTMAS COMES TO DICKENS, a contemporary anthology set in New England. It was released last week and is only 99 cents!. This is the first time I’ve written a New England setting. I’ve always wanted to visit there, especially in the fall. Via books, I can.  

There’s also a FREE recipe book, IT’S A DICKENS OF A COOKIE, at

The second Christmas book this year is a western historical, MEG, Angel Creek Christmas Brides book 20, and releases December 18. Yes, of course I want you to buy these books, but the reason I’m mentioning them is—Christmas! My favorite time of year! It’s available for preorder on Amazon  

I suppose we need to get through Thanksgiving before we start talking Christmas. That is, in my head I know that. In my heart, I’m doing a Snoopy dance because it’s close to my favorite time of year.

To mix it up a bit, I combined my three Pinkerton Matchmaker Series books into a trilogy and have it now available at a price that is $1.51 less than if you bought the books individually. Of course, the books are still available as singles if you prefer. My three are AN AGENT FOR MAGDALA, AN AGENT FOR LYDIA, and AN AGENT FOR JUDITH. This series has been so popular. For me, I’ve enjoyed writing the combination of mystery, marriage of convenience, adventure, and romance. You can find it at the Universal Amazon link of  

Do something fun today then read a romance!



  1. No kids here. Three neighbors threw three sperate parties so we had cars up and down both sides of the street and around to neighboring streets. Many attendees were unmasked.

  2. Hi Caroline Clemmons, How are you
    You shared worthy content related to your books.

  3. We haven't had a trick-or-treater here since we moved in, sad to say. I also love seeing the kids' costumes. So fun! But we didn't buy any candy this year so I don't have to worry about it calling my name, which it does. Loud and clear.


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