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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Silver City and Orphan Train Brides by @JacquieRogers #western #romance

Much Ado About Silver City!
Plus our new release and other good stuff.

I was talking with Sean Dwyer, author of a new book that will be released this fall, A Quest for Tears: Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury (check it out!) about how hard it is to explain to people the fun we have in Silver City, Idaho, every year.  In our modern world with instant access to entertainment, knowledge, and communication, we don't even know what it's like to interact with our friends on purely a personal one-to-one level.  We don't know how to make our own entertainment, nor are we versed in the fine art of conversation.

A suspicious bunch, for sure.

Honey Beaulieu agreed to
pose for photo ops.
The auction baskets raised nearly $800 for neurofibromatosis research.
Special thanks to basket chairperson Sherry Walker
and auctioneer Ken Walker.
The readers' event (the whole title is Jacquie Rogers's Much Ado About Silver City Readers' Event--a mouthful for sure!) is held every year the third weekend in July at the Idaho Hotel in Silver City.  The hotel was originally built in Ruby City in 1864, then moved a mile and a half up the road to Silver City.  Over the years, it has been expanded, revered, abandoned, and resurrected.  All restoration comes out of the owners' pockets so contributions are welcome.  They call it the Paint and Nails Fund.

The owners could use a few more contributions for paint!
All in all, we had a great time.  The Paxton Family provided the music, the Walkers ran the charity auction, and then, well, there's the melodrama.  In the photo below, Kim Garland played Tallahassee Slim, I wrote and sort of directed, Honey Beaulieu laughed at us all, Sean Dwyer was the Mojeeto Kid, and Diane Garland played Miss Libby.

Wine might have been involved.
On the home front, we're suffering under a preponderance of bounty.  We have tons and tons of apricots on our trees, most of which will unfortunately go to waste, and I've canned 52 half-pints of cherry jelly, put up enough apricot nectar for at least 50 half-pints of apricot butter.  Yesterday, we froze 21 pints of green beans and the day before we canned 14 quarts of beans.  Now the tomatoes and peppers are coming on and we have all those zucchini.  Holy moly.  I forgot about all the work involved in country living.  LOL.

Instant Pots speed up the fruit processing considerably.
And on the writing front, I'm still working on the fourth Honey Beaulieu book, Crack Shot in Whiskey Gap.  What with all the canning and appointments, I haven't made nearly as much progress as I'd like.  What I do have is a new release with Caroline Clemmons.  I love working with her--she's talented, funny, and just a little bit nutzoid.

I hope you enjoy our latest duet, Orphan Train Brides.  This one is about two women who were orphans and adopted from the orphan train by an abusive couple.  Caroline wrote Merry's book, A Family for Merry, and I wrote Polly's book, A Family for Polly.  See how they planned to save five orphans who'd surely have been put in dire situations, and in the process the sisters find true love.  Oh wait, that was a spoiler.  Oh wait, they're romances, so of course there's a Happily Ever After.

Orphan Train Brides is available now in

Check out Caroline's post for more info on this duet and also the other duets that we've written together.  And guess what?  One more is in the works.  

Happy reading!  I hope you enjoy reading Merry's and Polly's stories.  They both have fun adventures that you won't want to miss.  Also, please consider posting a review--you'll have our undying gratitude! 

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  1. I highly recommend next year coming up to the much Ado about Silver City it is so fun! The food in the hotel, you couldn't get better in any four star restaurant in my humble opinion.

    1. Jerri Berry Pie, Silver City onion soup, and in my grandson's opinion, the best double cheeseburgers ever! However, my eldest is partial to the roasted balsamic brussel sprouts. LOL

  2. Apricots going to waste? Oh, say it ain't so. That hurts. But Silver City sounds like a hoot.

    1. Bea, you still have time to come get some apricots. I'll throw in a bucket of blackberries, too. And I'll have some all picked and waiting for you when you come to Silver City next year!

  3. Sounds like I missed a lot of fun in Silver City. Apricots wasting? Noooooooo! Well, there's always next year.

    1. We really did have a blast! And we do every year, so it was no surprise. I've got one Texan coming next year--you might as well come, too. Bring family.

  4. Silver City was lots of fun. It was my first year to attend but won't be my last. The hotel fed every one so well that I swear that there was alot of food comas.
    I'll see you all next year


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