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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Safety, Safety... Always Safety (aka Thank Goodness for eBay)

Wait... Hold on now! I know you're thinking, "Is this SPAM email from eBay?"
Nope. This is actually a post about how eBay helped me do some research for a book -

Here's the reason for the research... I'm writing a Romance Book set in the 1970s - Just post Vietnam Era and my hero's a respectful guy. So he's going to need some protection for his lady. Safety, right?

Well, I did a Google Search for 1970s condoms - and I was thinking I'd find an article on the history of condoms that would show me images... or maybe a contraceptive webpage...

Nope. eBay - goodness gracious they say people collect all kinds of things! Little did I know!

I just hope they don't get too tired one day or reach around in the dark... but that would be a strange story about conception - I accidentally used a condom from the 1950s, son...

but seriously... I'm going to show you some other condoms that I thought were interesting... Who knew that these existed back when... I didn't!

I have to say I added the last one because how funny is that.. COLOR in your SEX LIFE!

Does that mean you get sand where it doesn't belong? Do they smell like coconut oil? 

Do you get sunburn when you have sex?

So.. what do you think you might find on eBay for story research?

1 comment:

  1. This is so funny, Reina. Who knew? And how do you test a condom and then sell it? I've only bought ordinary things from Ebay--like a gravy boat.


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