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Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year...New "Age" by Carolyn Hector

New Year...New "Age" 
by Carolyn Hector 

So here we are facing another year—and another year older. My monster-squad keeps going. I believe they're all now taller than me. I wonder if I can use the excuse that I have that I have T-Rex arms when I need them to reach something off a high shelf. 

If your kids are like mine...5'6" and above.... they probably love to make it a big deal. 
Don't worry.. a pair of tongs are a girls' best friend in the kitchen! 

My daughter (you know, the one who moved out and left me home with 6 males in the house!) is approaching the age of my youngest heroine. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s just time to age up my characters…which is totally fine by me. One of my favorite books is by Brenda Jackson. Secret Love features a hero of a certain age. I'd never seen it done before. 

I am now older than Jacob/Jake Madaris when he was considered middle-aged back when this book was first published.. 2000 I believe. The cover was that of an older- yet sexy- man. He's gotten a makeover over the years but this is the book I'll always this cover model in my mind.

I've written a few novels with my hero and heroine in their 30s and pushing 40s. They have yet to sell but I also haven't sent them there's that.

Do you have a favorite author who writes seasoned romance? Check out Barbara Joe Williams who just released A Cougar for Christmas. I adore Karen Booth. She turned me on to the facebook group: Seasoned Romance.
There is also a few websites.articles to check out as well. Love in Panels  and this one from Romance Junkies

Oh how the ideas are rushing to my head for a seasoned story! Especially after attending the RBRM (New Edition) concert last November. My daughter took me as part of my birthday present. As we walked out the door, my 15 year old shouted... "Aw who cares, no one wants to see a bunch of 50-year-olds dance around on stage!" Well let me tell you! They rocked! They still had their moves.

If you are interested in writing seasoned romances, Entangled Publishing recently put out into the cyber world that they're looking for submissions for their new August line.

I have a book that was released back in December. Click here Her Mistletoe Bachelor
If you've had a chance to read it, please consider leaving a review... it helps! ALSO!! ALSO!!! The book was nominated for cover of the month over at All Authors. If you get a sec, take some time out and vote.

Well, that's all for now. 
Happy New Year! Happy Reading and Happy Writing!



  1. Carolyn, I believe several authors are writing "seasoned" romances. Contrary to what young people believe, adults continue to enjoy romance late into life. I've only had a romance between middle-age as secondary characters, though. Who knows what's around the bend? Nice post. Good luck with HER MISTLETOE BACHELOR.

  2. Hey, I say go for whatever romance is in your heart and mind regardless of age. I tackled an older heroine/younger man a few years ago with ROMEO AND JUDY ANNE which is one of the sexiest books I've written. Romance, Love, and Sex don't end because someone hits some number milestone. I find that reassuring.


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