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Sunday, September 2, 2018


So much is going on in my book world right now. First, Amelia Adams organized a Western Romance Extravaganza. You can choose from 50+ books from 29 authors  at only 99 cents each. Those I have offered are WINTER BRIDE and JOSEPHINE.  This offer is good now through September 4 so don’t delay!

I have an exciting surprise for you! I formed a Facebook group so you can chat with me and your fellow readers. I am calling it Caroline’s Cuties. Please join the group to keep up with my releases, books, contests, and comments in response to your questions. You can find Caroline’s Cuties at

I love writing and love my readers! Your comments and opinions are important to me. This Facebook group is a way we can keep in touch. In Caroline’s Cuties, I’ll post book excerpts, puzzles, and general chit chat about my writing and life. The first 200 who join will be entered in a giveaway to win one of 5 gifts. The first prize is a Kindle Fire 7. Second is a $25 gift card. The other 3 are $10 gift cards.

Another note: Perhaps you’ve heard that Walmart is now carrying books online. They have nine of my books, which are sold in cooperation with Kobo.  The link is

BLESSING, book 2 of the Widows of Wildcat Ridge, is on preorder and releases October 1.

I've just re-released MURDOCH'S BRIDE, Loving a Rancher Series book 3, a book that was originally part of Debra Holland's Montana Sky Series for Kindle World. This was a fun book to write because a train wreck sends three women to stay with a rancher, The characters are marooned in his snug home an hour from town due to a blizzard. The man hasn't let a woman into his home in twenty years, his two handsome sons, the finicky woman never stops complaining, her niece and traveling companion tries to mediate, and a shy young widow just wants to get to Oregon to check on her brother. The buy link is


When Amazon deleted Kindle Worlds, the rights reverted to me. All of Debra's characters have been renamed but the book is the same. If you read this book previously, would you please go to Amazon and leave a review. When Amazon deleted the series, they also deleted all the reviews. 

If you got this far, thank you for reading. I apologize for so much promotion, but this is a busy time for me. I love when that happens, even though it stretches my stamina.


  1. Sounds like you're a busy lady. Best of luck with your Facebook group. Don't forget to enjoy a beautiful September that heralds the start of autumn.

  2. Going to be a busy month, isn't it? I joined your group because I'm a fan too. Love the bluebonnet pictures.

  3. Wow! 50+ books at only 99 cents? And all Westerns. Makes me wanna do a happy dance. Thanks, Caroline. "Murdoch's Bride" sounds like a good one to start with.

  4. Goodness, you are just ALL kinds of busy. Everything sounds great. Good for you!


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